Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/G/AC 18/3
Title'Miscellaneous Home and Foreign Mission Book' 27 September 1847-27 July 1870
Extent1 volume
Descriptionpp 85-91 Letter of reply, dated 4 March 1851, from Rev[erend] S. A. Worcester, Park Hill, Cherokee Nation, to Reverend H[enry] Venn concerning the Cherokee language with references to syllabic writing, reading and correspondence: 'letters are continually interchanged among them, chiefly business letters'. Sends copies of the Cherokee alphabet [one copy pasted in] 'with the sounds expressed by Roman letters' [this item is missing from the incoming correspondence sequences CMS/G/AC];
pp 211-212 [Brief] testimonials, dated 9 July 1856, from Kings College, London for Messrs Samuel Campbell, William B. Davies and James Horton, medical students [from Africa];
pp 216-219 Letters from D. H. Schmid, [Chaplain],Warsaw, 11 and 28 July 1856 [entered as 'Schmidt' in CMS Register of Missionaries'; formerly CMS missionary recruited from Basel Seminary];
pp 238-242 Letter to John Straith from John Telford, former CMS missionary (New Zealand), dated Port Macquarie, New South Wales 28 August 1856; gladly accepts the Committee's offer of continuation of his salary in return for finishing his Maori dictionary; Port Macquarie formerly 'the invalid station of the Government' 'is justly celebrated for the fierceness of its climate, and for the astonishing cases of pulmonary disease cured through its instrumentality'; teaches in Mr O'Reilly's Sabbath School; hopes to conduct some work on the Macquarie District language; with brief observations of the indigineous residents;
pp 256-258 Letter, dated 2 March 1858, to Chairman of the H. E. J. C. Board from the Earl of Chichester, CMS President; encloses copy of a Memorial to the Queen [not present];
pp 368-370; 371-374 Letters, dated 1862-1863, from J. P. Fearon, [solicitor], 21 Great George Street, Westminster, concerning Hussey's Charity-Slave Fund.
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