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TitleLetter from Reverend J. Pratt, London, to Rev J. Jaenicke
Extent1 item
DescriptionDated 11 March. Hopes he has received some of the Susu tracts; CMS knows the Sierra Leone station well as Zachary Macaulay, a committee member, was governor and CMS is in friendly and close connection with the Society for bringing African youths to be educated here; the murder of the missionary, Mr Grieg, was by strangers for robbery; climatic dangers can be guarded against; Renner and Hartwig have made friends with an African youth at Clapham who will introduce them to his father's town; the father is well known to Macaulay and is friendly to missionaries; the Sierra Leone Society is friendly to CMS plans; CMS proposes that four more seminarists be chosen to join Hartwig and Renner at the Susu station, that CMS will undertake all their expenses while at the seminary, that, while there, they should study Arabic, English, Susu, medicine and some music and that, at the conclusion of their seminary training, they will come to England for selection; CMS is well pleased with Hartwig and Renner. (copy)
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