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TitleLetter from Reverend J. Jaenicke, Berlin, to Secretary
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DescriptionDated 28 November. Answer to Secretary's letter 15 October 1805, received 19 November. Thanks for books, pleased at reception of four students; sorry, with reference to, Barneth's non-acceptance. Gives account of students: John Leonhardt Ebner, 27, entered October 1804, by diligence has much improved in memory and judgment; Jonathan Solomon Klein, 31, valuable student, with a sound grasp of Christian truth; Christoph Andrew Sasse, 33, is industriously trying to make up leeway due to a less retentive memory; John Christopher Supper, 23, promising; John Gottfried Wilhelm, 31, of a good knowledge and sound judgment, has given satisfaction in his public discourses; Charles Frederick Christian Wentzel, 34, under Stracke's tuition from Sept 1804 - Jul 1805, when he came to Berlin, diligent and of sincere piety. All the above are true Christians. Henry Charles James Helm, 25, and John Georgerg Nesser, 32, have only been students a few days but have made an excellent impression; Mr Steinkopf can say more about them.
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