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TitleTranslation of letter from Reverend J. Jaenicke, Berlin, to Secretary
Extent1 item
DescriptionDated 11 March. Has not received Renner's letter. Stracke had not received it at the beginning of March. The four students would be advised to go to East Friesland for ordination by the man who ordained Renner and Hartwig; newly appointed prelates might object. He is against mentioning marriage to the students, for they have formed no suitable attachments, and Berlin women are too timid; perhaps they might marry English women who appear not to object to going even to the East and West Indies. Has a married student of 41 named Barneth, who has a girl aged seven, he is well-grounded in Arabic and English and would be prepared to go to Sierra Leone with the other four, if the committee think fit.
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