Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/G/AC 5
TitleIncoming and outgoing correspondence for the years 1921-1949
Extent26 files
DescriptionIncomplete sequence of correspondence from within the UK and overseas, predominantly dated 1921, 1924-1938, 1940, 1942, 1946-1949. Including, for example:
1921 from Friederick Wurz, 14 March, referring to German speaking missions, including Basel, having 'scores of men and women at home who have been expelled from their fields and would be only too glad to return there if the world powers allowed them to go'; 1927 from Mrs F. D. Russell enclosing a letter, dated 1823, from Edward Bickersteth [General Secretary 1824-1830];
1930 block plans and elevation for united halls and office for missionary and philanthropic societies [filed under 'Roome'];
1947 letters to A. F. Atkins, Amritsar, relating to fighting at the partition [of India]; Frank Chadwick regarding the World's Evangelical Alliance; George S. Ingram relating to recruiting and Companions of the Way, and Bill White of Boscombe with an account of Max Warren's ministry as vicar of Boscombe 1932-;
1948 [draft] general instructions to missionaries; letter from Bishop E. J. Palmer concerning the nationalistic movement with Warren's reply relating to toleration and mutual respect; printed pamphlet entitled, 'Adventures of an Irish Surgeon in Old Imperial China' by Richard Smyth, Buxton 1942.
various years: correspondence regarding work for missionaries returning home
ArrangementThe 1921 letters are numbered 16147-16372 continuing the system that seems to have been introduced under Bardsley's Secretaryship [see CMS/G/AC 4]; the remainder are unnumbered and arranged broadly alphabetically within each year. Many with related incoming and outgoing correspondence loosely attached.
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionThe majority of letters were weeded prior to cataloguing (date unknown) with the exception of the P-Z sequence for 1930 and A-Z sequence for 1950 which have been kept intact. In 1958 some weeding was done by the General Secretary's Department and for the following years there survive only:
1929 T-V;
1930 P-Z;
1933 F-M
1934 A-F;
1935 A-F, L-S;
1936 A-M,T-Z;
1937 I-O;
1938 A-O;
1940 H-Z.
Some of the missing years also result from this weeding, though it is possible that World War II accounts for the loss of the 1941 and 1943-1945 correspondence.


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