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TitleCommittee minutes, volume 2, 10 May 1813-10 March 1817
Extent1 volume
DescriptionMinutes of the [General] Committee including references to the Society's petition to Parliament over the revival of the Slave Trade 1814. Also including:
pp 96 and 116 donations from 'Llewellyn of Wales' for the 'Redemption' of four African boys and four African girls to be named David, Morgan, Owen, Evan, Anne, Martha, Lucy and Sarah [Llewellyn], 10 January 1814 and 21 February 1814 [redeeemed children were to act as servants and receive an education. Source: printed Proceedings of the Church Missionary Society 1813 p 100];
p 170 report of the formation of the Hibernian Auxiliary Church Missionary Society, Dublin, minutes 11 July 1814;
pp 221-223 proposal to increase the Society's efforts in Sierra Leone, including the formation of a missionary settlement and Christian Institution, with details of the current state of the Colony and the proposal for the Society to undertake the care of 'liberated' enslaved children who 'would add rapidly to the moral influence of the Colony on the natives; and would become, under the Divine Blessing, the means of extensively diffusing civilisation and Christianity', minutes 14 November 1814;
p 231 agreement concerning Thomas Morgan, an African child brought to England by Colonel Maxwell [Governor of Sierra Leone] who was to be returned to Africa under the care of the CMS missionaries because the British climate was deemed to be 'injurious to his health', minutes 28 November 1814;
p 379 correspondence concerning the Society of 'People of Colour', Halifax, Nova Scotia, whose purpose was to introduce Christianity to their fellow Africans; the members wished to be enabled to return to Africa as Schoolmasters and Catechists, and possibly to become CMS missionaries minutes 25 September 1815;
p 409 minutes recording events at the first anniversary of CMS Birmingham Association, minutes 11 December 1815;
pp 477-478 'Abdulah', a Muslim convert from Patna wishing to return to India to 'instruct his countrymen', introduced to the Committee by Rev[erend] Marsden 22 April 1816;
p 536 letter from Adam Gordon, Downing Street, 20 September 1816, advising that, further to a CMS deputation, Earl Bathurst [Henry Bathurst (1762-1834), Secretary of State for War and the Colonies] has instructed the Governor [of Freetown, Sierra Leone] to erect several churches and recommended that the Treasury finance additional clergy and pay the CMS £5 a year 'for each captured Negroe child placed under their care, not otherwise provided for';
pp 546-547 regulations concerning CMS House, including the diet for student missionaries, minutes 11 November 1816;
p 565 death of Mowhee, a New Zealander under the care and instruction of Rev[erend] Basil Woodd, minutes 2 January 1817;
p 571 donation 'for the education of female African child' to be named Georgiana Christian, minutes 8 July 1816

This volume was referred to in the affidavit of Edward Hutchinson, in the case of of Hill versus Fry, Chancery, 13 November 1873.
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