Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/G/Y/I1
TitleNorth India mission (Bengal, later Calcutta, Barrackpore and Dacca dioceses)
Extent13 files, 4 bundles
DescriptionIncluding completed copies of statistical forms used to compile data on mission work including brief data on individual missionaries.

Form 1: individuals engaged in promoting the objects of CMS: giving name, country of origin, when first engaged, office and grade, station, salary and from which fund it is paid, removal and cause of it, children's names and ages (not often given, but always by the English missionaries; Indian respondents usually give number of children only).

Form 2 'native church' connected with CMS: place, building, hour of services, language of each service, usual attendance, number of Christians (men, women, children) catechumens (adults, children), enrolled communicants (men, women, usual number of partakers), number of baptisms (men, women, children), amount contributed by native Christians for religious and charitable purposes.

Form 3 boarding schools: place, type (normal school etc), total cost in year, cost of boarding, income (local subscriptions,contributions from England, Corresponding Committee grant, government grant), staff of teachers exclusive of missionaries (Europeans, East Indians, Native Christians, others), number of pupils (Christians, Hindus and others), remarks.

Form 4 day schools: number, place, boys girls or mixed, Christian (vernacular or Anglo-vernacular), Evangelistic (vernacular or Anglo-vernacular), expenditure (total, fees and fines), income (endowment and subscriptions, Corresponding Committee grants, government grant), number of teachers exclusive of missionaries (European, East Indian, Native), number of scholars (boys, girls, average on books,average attendance), number according to religious distinctions (Christians, Mahomedans, Hindus and others), number of Sunday schools (Christian, Hindus and others) remarks.

Form 5 local funds: stations, amount brought forward from last year, interest on invested funds; receipts from residents in the mission (subscriptions, benefactions, legacies), from non-residents (subscriptions, benefactions, legacies), from church collections (made in CMS churches and elsewhere), from other sources; expenditure on colleges, schools, other institutions not entirely supported by CMS (orphanages, agricultural villages, Lawrence School etc), itinerating, building, rent and repairs, establishment, miscellaneous, balance in hand, remarks.
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