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TitleCommittee work
Extent27 volumes, 1 file
DescriptionRecords of the Medical Committee 1891-1954; Medical Board 1863-1921; Medical Training Home Committee 1900-1907; Medical Committee Sub-Committees 1900-1942; Medical Mission Home Committee 1930-1941 and the Medical Commission and its Sub-Committee 1935-1938. Largely comprising minutes, including minutes of the Medical Committee 1891-1954, but also including precis books 1898-1950, medical examination registers 1863-1898 and a small sequence of Medical Committee papers.

The Executive functions of the Medical Committee mean that it dealt with a broad range of policy, strategy and operational issues, including liaising with other CMS Departments, receiving reports and making decisions on all aspects of Home and Overseas work including sanctioning the recommendations of the Department's Sub-Committees, receiving reports of the Medical Training Home Committee, approving staff appointments, formally adopting the 'Review of the Year' prior to the MMA Annual Meeting etc.

Much of the business of Medical Committee meetings comprised discussing and agreeing action arising from incoming correspondence and papers received since the last Committee meeting. Summaries of the correspondence and papers selected for presentation to the Committee were prepared for each meeting in the form of printed or, from February 1902, mimeographed, typescript precis sheets with each item of correspondence numbered in a continuous number sequence for the year and listed in order of date of receipt, giving the name of the sender, date written, date received, a summary of the contents and a brief note of business arising (proposals for action etc). The precis were circulated to members of the Medical Committee as detailed agenda papers. File copies of the precis sheets were kept in 'Medical Department Precis' books with precis papers pasted in on the left hand page whilst on the facing page a record was made of the resolutions and recommendations agreed at the Committee meeting together with a note of the action subsequently taken in respect of the resolutions and recommendations ('How disposed of'). Prior to 1909 the Committee's resolutions and recommendations were added in manuscript, after 1909 they too were pasted in as mimeographed typescript. Although primarily based on the precis of incoming correspondence and papers, the volumes functioned as a working record of Medical Committee agendas, resolutions and action and include occasional items for which there was no related incoming correspondence.

The Medical Committee also regularly set aside time at meetings for interviews with medical missionaries on furlough, regional medical advisers, CMS staff and others. Records of these interviews were originally pasted into the precis books but can be found incorporated into the minute books from the 1950s (interview notes can also be found in the overseas correspondence with missions series CMS/M/Y).
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