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Extent78 files, 12 bundles, 21 items
DescriptionMedical mission financial and statistical returns 1908-1949; medical mission plans and building grant application papers 1894-[1940] and a small sequence of correspondence concerning reductions and charging for hospital services 1939-1949.

Account forms completed by the Medical Missionary-in-Charge were used to record annual medical statistics as well as income and expenditure for the year, many of them include comments on factors affecting the progress of work over the year and some were sent with copies of medical mission annual reports, comprehensive lists of operations etc so the papers are a useful resource for considering the work of individual missions in the context of available resources and the internal and external challenges with which they were faced. Although missions were supplied with standard forms for returning their accounts, the records include some locally printed and freehand returns.

From 1900, the Medical Committee took responsibility for providing new buildings for the Society's medical missions. Applications were considered by the Buildings Sub-Committee. In order to apply for a grant, missions were required to meet criteria set out in a Medical Committee memorandum of June 1900, namely to provide: a report explaining the need for the new buildings, reasons for choice of site etc; a site plan; a building plan (including ground plan, plan of each storey, 'an elevation of the main building on the most important side,' longitudinal and transverse sections); a specification and estimates ideally drawn up by a qualified engineer or architect; a memorandum indicating how the said costs would be met, and a statement of the opinion of the local governing body [LGB] which needed to include reference to the suitability of the site and plans 'for the spiritual as well as the medical work.'

A printed form incorporating the memorandum was produced. The Missionary-in-Charge of the medical mission signed and forwarded the form, with the relevant papers, to the Secretary of the governing body of the local mission for presentation to the local Executive or Mission Committee. The papers and form were then forwarded to the Medical Committee Secretary in London with a note of the opinion of the LGB.

On receipt by the Medical Department, application papers were individually numbered and filed in blue filing dockets giving the name of the mission, a list of enclosures (including the number and brief description of each document) with the date on which the documents were received. The dockets were numbered and inscribed with the name of the building for which the grant was required.

A number of financial returns were retained in the overseas correspondence with mission series and can be found at CMS/M/Y.
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