Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/ACC109 Z1
TitlePhotographs and film negatives of J. P. Nickisson
Extent27 items
Datec 1893-c 1900
DescriptionIncluding some duplicated items.

/1: J. P. Nickisson, CMS Nassa.
/2: J. P. Nickisson and unnamed Indigenous boys.
/3: J. P. Nickisson and unnamed Indigenous People, CMS Nassa.
/4: J. P. Nickisson and E. H Hubbard, Nassa. (2 copies)
/5: J. P. Nickisson and E. H. Hubbard, Nassa.
/6: E. H. Hubbard
/7: E. H. Hubbard [?] and unnamed Indigenous People, Nassa.
/8: J. P. Nickisson and R. P. Ashe, Nassa.
/9: R. P. Ashe and unnamed indigenous people, Nassa.
/10: R. P. Ashe and an unnamed Indigenous boy.
/11: Bishop A. R. Tucker and porters. (2 copies)
/12: Group: G. L. Pilkington, J. Roscoe, E. Millar, G. K. Baskerville, R. H. Leakey.
/13: Group: R. H. Walker, three others including A. G. Smith [?] and E. C. Gordon [?].
/14: Mwanga, King of Uganda.
/15: Mwanga and his parliament.
/16: Christian Ugandan chief and wife and child. (2 copies)
/17: Unnamed Indigenous women, Nassa.
/18: 'Uganda boys'
/19: Unnamed Indigenous boy with a mule.
/20: Grave of J. P. Nickisson, [c 1900].
/21: Interior of Nickisson and Hubbard Memorial Church, Nassa, [c 1900].
/22: 'Idols from the Niger'.
NotesFor preservation reasons, the photographs have been packaged in archive polyester pockets and a clamshell box. Records held in clamshell boxes are shelved separately from other records in the collection and so need a separate retrieval slip when requested in the Reading Room.
LocationCMS clamshell box shelves: 39/F/1.
Access StatusOpen


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