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TitleJournal letters, circular letters and letters from George Herbert Moule and Mrs Edith Mary Moule (nee Bernau)
Extent78 items
DescriptionVivid and detailed accounts of daily life as a missionary and as an English couple living in Japan while stationed at Central Theological College, Shingakuin, Ikebukuro, Tokyo, 1922-1936. They contain much about the house and garden, entertaining guests and visiting, comments on local events of all kinds including the weather, as well as all aspects of CMS mission activity and much about missionaries of the CMS and other societies. They include lists of people with addresses to whom circular letters were sent; reference to helping at a Chinese church in Tokyo and work in the country district of Boshu.

/1 Includes description of train journey across Canada, Sep 1922;
/7, 10 Includes comments on need for continued support after controversy leading to formation of Bible Churchmen's Missionary Society; also relating to controversy 1922;
/9 [Last sheet missing];
/18 Includes account of moonlight climb up the volcano Mount Asama [end missing] 1923;
/19 Description of Tokyo after earthquake 15 Sep 1923, including reference to Mr. and Mrs. Home (Mr. Home killed at the British Consulate), also relates to Yokohama earthquake and fire 1923;
/23 Includes reference to consecration of Dr. Mosada as first Japanese Bishop 1923; also mentions earthquake 1924;
/30 Includes reference to (p.1) to snow storm containing red sand from the Mongolian deserts 1925; (p.6) visit to Tokugawa and Arisugawa dolls; visit of Empress to Doshisha College at Kyoto 1925;
/36-37 Relate to journey from London across Canada to Japan 1927;
/43 Includes short reference to visit by Miss [Matilda] Laurence (aged 84) 1928;
/45 Includes comments on mission secretaryship including reference to Rev. John Mann 1928;
/46 Includes comments (p.1) on Miss Maud Royden preaching at St. Andrew's Tokyo; also (p.5) reference to typhoon 1928;
/48 Includes description (p.6) of enthronement of emperor
/49 Includes (p.2) account of meeting with Dr. Mott 1928;
/50 Account of climbing Mount Fujiyama 1929;
/52 Includes account of visit of Duke of Gloucester 1929;
/59 Includes account of meeting of National Christian Council 1930;
/61 Includes account of crossing Canada en route from England to Japan Dec 1932;
/67 Includes (pp.5-6) account of typhoon and disaster at Poole Girls' School, Osaka 1934;
/73-78 On voyage home to England 1936
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