Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/ACC403 F1
TitleDiaries CMS High School Bhagalpur
Extent3 vols
Description/1-3 Diaries: CMS High School Bhagalpur:
extremely detailed diaries with an abundance of pertinent annotations made in 1978 prior to depositing in CMS archives

/1 volume 1: 6 April-16 July 1931: includes Taljhari 22 April-3 May; Darjeeling 28 May-22 June

/2 volume 2: 17 July-4 October 1931: includes Hazaribagh, Ranchi and Gaya 11-16 October; Champanagar 17-24 October

Note by RSC: "volume 3 is unaccountably missing"

/3 volume 4: 18 December 1931-30 March 1932:includes: Shikarpur and Bollobhpur, Bengal 22 December- 5 January; 10 Mission Row,
Calcutta 23-26 February also includes photographs; appendices re Scouts; photo of Christian Hostel with everyone named; account
of 1934 Earthquake with photos; memories of Canon Tarafdar
Access StatusOpen


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