Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)CMS/ACC608 F4
TitlePhotograph album
Extent1 volume
Datec 1895-1909
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DescriptionSmall photograph album bound in green silk. The captioned photographs include:
p.1 mission house with Mr Turner and Rev A A Philips
p.2 Day school girls with Miss Murray and teacher (Chinese man)[18 pupils]
p.3 Mr Seward and English class [cf.F2p.2]
p.4 Manchu family (4 adults and two children)
p.5 grave of Miss Ida K S Acheson (Miencheo cemetery): arrived in China November 19 1896; fell asleep July 9 1899 aged 26
p.6 Mr and Mrs Hamilton's wedding group [cf.F3 p.6]
p.7 A waif saved: Chinese woman sitting holding child 'This little girl was laid at the door of the mission house during the night'
p.8 ceremonial bow: two men: first and third positions
p.9 ceremonial bow: second position
Access StatusOpen
CopiesSome of the photographs from this album were digitized by Cadbury Research Library for an online Flickr exhibition featuring photographs from the CMS archive. 'Turn of the century China: an exhibition of late 19th, and early 20th, century photographs' available online at (Cadbury Research Library, 2014). Selected photographs from this album have been digitized for the Historical Photographs of China project and will be made available online at (ref: CL04).


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