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TitleTelegram logbooks
Extent3 volumes
DescriptionThree telegram logbooks for Noël Coward, kept by his secretary Lorn Loraine, containing handwritten transcripts of telegrams sent and received between June 1934 and February 1965. The transcripts are recorded in the order they appear in the log book. Chronological order was largely maintained, but sometimes transcripts appear out of order, often with an annotation from Lorn Loraine explaining why the break in sequence occurred. Most transcripts record the name of the sender, receiver, and the date of issue. Comprises a combination of personal and business telegrams with many sent to, or received from, Coward and his inner circle of friends including Lorn Loraine, John C. 'Jack' Wilson and Cole Lesley.

There is a mixture of personal business telegrams, including references to Coward's works, rights to plays, production arrangements and legal and financial matters discussed between Coward's offices in New York and London. There are references to the Actors' Orphanage Fund and Coward's Presidency of the Fund; charity work is discussed; and comments on the political and social situation, including references to events during the Second World War.

A number of senders, or recipients, are referred to by nicknames, including:
/ Noël Coward: Master; NC; Noely; Noelie; Pop; Poppa; Choop; Snig; Junior; Beauty; Dudu; Fluffikins;
/ John C. Wilson, business partner, former lover: Jack; DAB; Baybay; Choop;
/ Lorn Loraine, secretary: Lornie; Lorniebubs; Lorniepoo; LL;
/ Joan Hirst, formerly Sparks, assistant to Lorn Loraine and secretary to Noël Coward following the death of Lorn Loraine in 1967: Sparkie;
/ Cole Lesley, assistant to Noël Coward: Coley, Toley, Graco;
/ Max Gordon, theatre and film producer, worked with Coward and was advised by him: Maxgord; Junior; Junior Partner;
/ Charles Russell, American agent, ceased business with Coward in 1963 after legal proceedings: known as 'Charles' or 'Russell';
/ Graham Payn, friend and partner: Little Lad;
/ Hugh Beaumont, friend, theatre manager and producer: Binkie;
/ Sir Dingwall Bateson, Financial Advisor: Dingo;
/ Irving Lazar, talent agent, represented Coward and his friends: Swifty;
/ Gladys Calthrop, friend, costume and set designer: Blackie; Blackheart;
/ Clemence Dane (Winifred Astor), friend, playwright: Winnie;
/ Raymond Massey, friend, actor: Planny;
/ Alfred Lunt, friend, actor: Grandpa;
/ Lynn Fontanne, wife of Alfred Lunt, friend, actor: Lynnie; Grandma;
/ Joyce Carey, friend, actor: Joycie;
/ Gertrude Lawrence, friend, actor: Gee; Gertie;
/ Laurence Olivier, friend, actor: Larry; Larry Boy;
/ Vivien Leigh, friend, actor: Puss;
/ Evelyn Laye, friend, actor: Boo;
/ Katharine Cornell, friend, actor: Kit; Kitty;
/ Lord Louis Mountbatten, friend, naval officer and statesman: Dickie.
NotesFormer reference: Section I Personal Correspondence of Noël Coward, Box 9
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