Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)COW/4/I/2/425
Title'In Which We Serve' letters
Extent1 file
DescriptionFile containing letters relating to the film 'In Which We Serve'; from the following individuals:

Andrews, Robert
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/23

Ashcroft, Peggy
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/37

Barnes, Sir Kenneth
letter dated 1 October 1942
See also COW/4/I/2/61

Baume, Eric

Beaumont, Hugh
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/73

Boulting, John
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/104

Bracken, Brendan
Duplicates of COW/4/I/2/113/1 and COW/4/I/2/113/2

Cholmondeley, Lady
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/174/1

Cochran, Sir Charles
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/184

Colefax, Lady
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/188

Colyer, Air Vice-Marshall Douglas
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/192

Davis, Capt. William
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/222

Duff, Lady Juliet
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/254

Duff, Sir Michael
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/255

Eden, Anthony
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/265

Elliott, Rev. W. H.
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/273

Fairbanks, Douglas
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/281

Gielgud, Val
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/330

Harris, Robert
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/372

Hillary, Richard
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/403

Ismay, Lord
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/428

Jeans, Ursula
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/432

Jellicoe, Countess
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/433

Keate, Stuart
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/444

Knox, Collie
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/462

Korda, Sir Alexander
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/464

Lawton, Frank
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/473

Macrae, Arthur
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/521

Masaryk, Jan
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/534

Massary, Fritzi
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/535

Maugham, Somerset
Cablegram dated 11 November 1942
See also COW/4/I/2/544

Maurier, Lady Du
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/545

Menjou, Adolphe
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/548

Mountbatten, Lady Louis
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/586

Mountbatten, Lord Louis
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/586

Neagle, Anna and Wilcox, Herbert
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/594

North, Admiral
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/605

Norton, Richard
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/606

Perry, John
Duplicates, see COW/4/I/2/628

Rank, J. Arthur
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/645

Ravensdale, Lady
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/648

Reed, Carol
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/654

Rutherford, Margaret
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/682

Scott, Margaretta
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/695

Seyler, Athene
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/700

Stark, Admiral
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/728

Stern, G.B.
Two items, duplicates, see COW/4/I/2/732

Thorndike, Dame Sybil
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/761

Titheradge, Madge
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/764

Trubshawe, Michael
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/773

Whitty, Dame May
Duplicate of COW/4/I/2/812

Williams, Emlyn
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/816

Winn, Godfrey
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/825

Wynyard, Diana
Duplicate, see COW/4/I/2/845
NotesFormer reference: Section I Personal Correspondence of Noël Coward, Box 3
Access StatusOpen


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