Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)COW/4/I/2/589
TitleMum [Violet Coward]
Extent36 items
Date[mid-20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence from Mum, signed 'Mother' [Violet Coward, born 1863 and died 1954].

There are two copies of each of the following:

letter from 'Veitchie' [Coward's aunt Vida Veitch?] to Noël Coward, dated 12 January 1934.

Undated letter from Vida [Coward's aunt] to Violet Coward [1934].

letter from Aunt Ida to Noël Coward, dated 23 February 1934.

letter from 'Suig' or 'Snig', [Violet Coward to Noël Coward?], dated 22 February [-].

Undated letter from Violet Coward to Noël Coward [c1928].

Undated letter from Violet Coward to Noël Coward.

letter from 'Suig' to [?], dated 25 February [-].

letter from Violet to Arthur [Coward's father], dated 15 January [-].

letter from 'Veitch' [Coward's aunt?] to Noël Coward, dated 14 March 1934.

letter from 'Mum' to Lorn [Loraine], dated 29 March [-].

letter from [Lorn Loraine?] to 'Mum', dated 1 April 1935.

letter from Mum to [Lorn Loraine?], dated 'Tuesday' (one copy is incomplete).

letter from Mum to Lorn [Loraine], dated 'Saturday' .

letter from 'Suig' [Violet Coward to Noël Coward] dated 21 January [1942].

letter from Noël Coward [to Violet Coward] dated 3 December 1941.

letter [from Noël Coward] to Mr Herbertson, dated 24 January 1942.

letter from 'Suig' [Violet Coward to Noël Coward], dated 3 March [1942].

letter from 'Suig' [Violet Coward to Noël Coward], dated 25 February [-].
NotesFormer reference: Section I Personal Correspondence of Noël Coward, Box 4
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