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TitleArticles and notes relating to 'The Diatesseron of Tatian'
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Description/1 Article by DJ Chapman from the Revue Benedictine entitled 'The Diatesseron and the Western Text of the Gospels', 1912
/2 Booklet by Michael Maher entitled 'Recent Evidence for the Authenticity of the Gospels: Tatian's Diatesseron', 1893
/3 Notes made by James Rendel Harris of references to articles discussing Tatian's Diatesseron, nd
/4 Note made by James Rendel Harris summarising an article about Tatian written by Connolly in the Journal of Theological Studies, post 1911
/5 Letter to James Rendel Harris from Bernard Velisek [Erdington Abbey, Birmingham] enclosing /6 postcard from Dr Jaroslav Sedlacek [Professor of Holy Scripture at the Bohemian University of Prague], giving Bar Salibi's comments on a passage of the Diatesseron, 1914
/7 Article by HJ Vogels [Dusseldorf] entitled 'Eine interessante Lesart des Diatessarons', German, post 1910
/8 Article from The Journal of Biblical Literature by George A Barton and Hans H Spoer entitled 'Traces of the Diatesseron of Tatian in Harclean Syriac Lectionaries', 1905
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