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TitleThe Acts of Judas Thomas
Extent52 items
DescriptionArticles and letters relating to James Rendel Harris's research on the Acts of Thomas. All letters are written to James Rendel Harris, unless otherwise stated:
/1 Press cutting from the Expository Times of a review by Agnes Smith Lewis [orientalist, biblical scholar, and traveller] of 'The Discouri in Christian Literature', by James Rendel Harris, 1903;
/2 Note in Syriac, nd;
/3-/5 Research notes made by James Rendel Harris, nd;
/6-/7 Letters from Agnes Smith Lewis, 1912;
/8 Letter from Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare [scholar, expert on Armenia], 1912;
/9 Notes by Francis Crawford Burkitt [Professor of Divinity, Cambridge] of references to articles discussing the Acts of Thomas, 1913;
/10 Note in Syriac, nd;
/11-/20 Various handwritten notes by James Rendel Harris relating to the Acts of Thomas: noting references; comparing various versions of the Acts of Thomas in Greek and Syriac, nd;
/21 Letter from H v ?Farn, German, 1913;
/22 Letter to ?Wilky from CW Mitchell [Sion College, London], 1913;
/24-/25 Notes by James Rendel Harris labelled 'Armenia of Conybeare collated with Syriac and Greek', nd;
/26 Letter from Eberhard Nestle [Semitic scholar, Professor and Headmaster at Wurtemberg, Germany], 1912;
/27-/28 Various notes by James Rendel Harris, nd;
/29 Article from the Journal of Theological Studies by Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare [Armenian scholar] entitled 'The Idea of Sleep in the Hymn of the Soul', nd;
/30 Note made by James Rendel Harris relating to myths about dragons who suck out their own poison, nd;
/31 Letter from Francis Crawford Burkitt, 1912;
/32 Postcard from [signature illegible], 1912;
/33-/35 Notes made by James Rendel Harris of quotations from texts relating to the Acts of Thomas, Latin, Greek, French, nd;
/36 Article from 'Bibliographische Anzeigen', German, nd;
/37 Note made by James Rendel Harris discussing the names of the Magi in various Syriac manuscripts, nd;
/38 Letter from Lootfy Levonian [Armenian Woodbrooke student; Professor, School of Religion, Constantinople], 1912;
/39-/41 Various notes made by James Rendel Harris: /39 discusses possible meanings of the word Sanadruck in the Acts of Thomas, nd; /40 headed 'Double translations in Acta Thomas', nd; /41 concerning Edessan tradition that Jesus promised to send Thomas to Abgar, nd;
/42 Letter from Lootfy Levonian, 1913;
/43 Note made by James Rendel Harris concerning Addai, nd;
/44 Letter from Frederick Cornwallis Conybeare, 1912;
/45-/47 Various notes made by James Rendel Harris: /45 list of journal articles that mention the Thomas legend, 1914; /46 quotation from Chaldean Breviary relating to Thomas, nd; /47 notes a reference to Thomas in Chaucer's Merchant's Tale, nd;
/48 Letter from Arent Jan Wensinck [Secretary to the Redaction of the Encyclopedia of Islam; Professor of Hebrew, then Arabic at University of Leiden], 1920;
/49-/51 Letters from John F Stenning [scholar in Aramaic and oriental languages, Oxford], concerning his journey to the Convent of St Catherine, Mount Sinai, 1894;
/52 Translation of an Armenian version of the Acts of Thomas, author unknown, post 1896.
ArrangementOriginal order
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionOriginally listed as Lot 18 /52 is folded; with original wrapper


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