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Extent1 volume; 131 items
DescriptionScrapbook containing correspondence, notes and press cuttings relating to folklore throughout the world. All letters are written to James Rendel Harris, unless otherwise stated:
/1 Postcard to James Rendel Harris from B Lindsay [Oxford], 1906
/2 Letter from Joseph H ?Fox, nd
/3 Cutting describing 'the riding of the Black Knight', an Easter custom in Ashton-under-Lyne, nd
/4 Press cutting - letters describing funeral and wedding customs in Wales, 1906
/5 Letter from Rev James Mellis [Presbyterian minister], 1907
/6-/7 Notes made by James Rendel Harris about superstitions relating to the return of dead heroes and Swan maidens, nd
/8-/10 Press cuttings and note relating to folklore about doves, 1905
/11 Letter from Edward A Annett enclosing /12 and /13 cuttings about fire-walkers in Fiji, 1906
/14 Press cutting describing the Roman Catholic ceremony of blessing fire and water, 1907
/15 Press cutting describing Easter celebrations in the Philippines, nd
/16 Letter from Laurence ?Gorman, 1907
/17 Letter from Edward A Annett, describing Fijian fire-walkers, 1907
/18 Letter from B Lindsay, nd
/19 Letter from Lilla Jacobsen [Norwegian Woodbrooke student], describing Norwegian folk tales, 1906
/20 Article by Rev George E White [Dean of Anatolia College, Turkey] entitled 'Survivals of Primitive Religion among the Peoples of Asia Minor', 1907
/21 Letter from James Mellis [Presbyterian minister, Southport], 1907
/22 Letter from Edward A Annett concerning Maori customs, 1907
/23 Notes made by James Rendel Harris about English and Scottish folklore, nd
/24 Letter from Irene Hutchinson, describing a child's funeral, 1907
/25 Note made by James Rendel Harris of a quotation from Tatian about human sacrifice, nd
/26 Copy of letter from 'The transactions of the Woolhope Naturalists Field Club' relating to English New Year customs, copy of 1899 document
/27-/28 Press cutting of an article by Ben Bolt [pseudonym of Ottwell Binns?] entitled 'The Kern Baby', 1907
/29-/30 Letters from Ottwell Binns [Scarborough] concerning 'The Kern Baby', 1907
/31 Letter from R Sims [Friends Mission, Isoavinandriana, Province de Miarinarivo, Madagascar], enclosing /32 photograph of a 'Grass boy', 1908
/33 Postcard from Helen concerning knuckle-bones, nd
/34 Letter from Ethel, 1908
/35 Letter from Robert Wilfrid Crosland describing New Year customs in Yorkshire, nd
/36 Newsletter of the Korea Mission Field, which mentions Korean folklore, 1909
/37 Letter from Ethel giving information about Irish New Year customs, 1908
/38 Letter from Leigh [Stoneleigh Abbey, Kenilworth], 1908
/39 Letter from Robert Wilfrid Crosland describing customs associated with haymaking in Suffolk, 1909
/40 Note by unknown author describing haymaking customs in the north of Iceland, nd
/41 Typed copy of a letter from EB Taylor to Samuel Fox describing English custom of bewitching using onions stuck with pins, copy of 1872 document
/42 Letter from William Bardsley Brash [Professor of English, Didsbury College, Manchester] describing a Northumbrian custom 'whenever a woman took her child to baptism, she always took in one hand a little cake which she gave to the first person she met', nd
/43 Letter from John Rowland [Glastonbury] to Alice regretting that he cannot give information about 'the combs from the Lake Village,' 1909
/44 Letter from Lilla Jacobsen describing a folktale which tells why robins have red breasts, nd
/45 Note from Albert Wyles concerning folklore about woodpeckers, nd
/46 Note made by James Rendel Harris of a reference to 'The Foundation Sacrifice as described by a Scotch lad', 1909
/47 Note made by James Rendel Harris of a reference to The Bull Roarer, nd
/48 Cutting from the Expository Times of an article about the Foundation Sacrifice, the practice of killing a man on the foundation stone of a building so that his spirit keeps it safe, 1909
/49-/50 Letter from A Bruce Graveley [Woodbrooke student] describing harvest customs in Northamptonshire, 1909
/51 Letter from John Rowland concerning archaeology in Somerset, 1909
/52-/53 Notes made by James Rendel Harris of questions about birds, nd
/54 Note by GHR describing fairies in Ireland, 1909
/55 Cutting describing the Manx custom of hunting the wren, 1909
/56 Letter from Robert Ranulph Marett [anthropologist, Exeter College, Oxford] concerning 'the bull-roarer', 1910
/57 Cutting discussing the derivation of hogmanay, 1910
/58 Note made by James Rendel Harris 'Was baptism originally a rain charm?' nd
/59 Letter from George Milligan [Minister in Caputh, biblical scholar] describing Scottish baptism customs, 1909
/60 Postcard from Rev H Pentin, 1909
/61 Cutting of an article describing customs at the festival of San Domenico di Cocullo in Italy, nd
/62 Cutting of an article listing folk remedies for illnesses including toothache and sciatica, 1910
/63 Letter from Edward A Annett describing the New Year water festival in Burma, 1903
/64-/65 Notes by an unknown author describing burial customs and the Festival of the Bath in Madagascar, probably 1903
/66 Note made by James Rendel Harris entitled 'The Rainmaker as King', nd
/67 Note made by James Rendel Harris entitled 'Story of the Swan Maidens', nd
/68 Cutting describing the ritual of 'burning the winter' in a North German village, 1910
/69-/70 Letters from Hilda Mary Stranger describing Welsh folk customs, 1911
/71 Note by Marie Haffner describing a festival of 'damon-worshippers/animists', nd
/72 Note by unknown author re Easter egg hunting in Germany, nd
/73 Letter from J Sims [Friends' Mission, Tananarive, Madagascar], thanking James Rendel Harris for sending a copy of Aaron's Breastplate, looking forward to visiting Woodbrooke, and mentioning folklore relating to rain charms, 1909
/74 Note entitled 'Cutting the Calacht', concerning harvest customs in Ireland, with /75-/77 postcards of people harvesting, nd
/78 Letter to Alphonse Mingana from Grafton Elliot Smith [Australian anatomist and anthropologist, Professor at Cambridge] discussing stories about seven-headed dragons, 1918
/79-/81 Notes by unknown author about the Hindu festival 'Raksha Bandhan', Rain Charms, and the Corn Spirit, nd
/82 Note by James Rendel Harris of a story from Folk Tales of Kashmir, nd
/83 Letter from William A Green [Belfast] concerning harvest customs in Ireland, enclosing photos (probably /75-/77), 1914
/84 Postcard from Cathleen M Cummings showing Ilkley's famous Swastika Stone, nd
/85 Cutting of an article about Ishi, the last southern Yana or Mill Creek Indian in California, 1911
/86 Note by J Sims of a folk story from Madagascar, nd
/87 Note about Jack-in-the-Green, nd
/88 Cutting about Jack-in-the-Green, nd
/89 Note by JR Addison describing an Irish folklore about thorn trees, 1911
/90 Note by JR Addison describing superstitions in Westmorland 'if any of them kills a beetle, that it will thunder on that day', 1911
/91 Note by Letta Garner concerning folklore in Drenthe province of Holland, nd
/92 Cutting describing folklore in Khassia, India, nd
/93-/94 Letter from Olga Brauer [Woodbrooke student and missionary in India], 1913-1914
/95 Note by unknown author describing 'Radish Feast' at Milnthorpe, nd
/96 Note about folklore relating to yellowhammers, nd
/97 Note, author unknown, about Dutch folklore relating to werewolves, nd
/98 Cutting discussing English folklore relating to New Year, 1911
/99 Letter from Hector Munro Chadwick [Professor of Anglo-Saxon, Cambridge] telling a Norse folk story, nd
/100 Cutting of an article discussing a report by the Highlands and Islands Medical Committee, which found 'faith in old cures', 1913
/101 Cutting of an article describing rites carried out at a temple of the god Mael-dubh, Lewis, Scotland, early twentieth century
/102 Cutting of an article describing a visit to the Sacred Lake of Life, Oban, Nigeria, 1913
/103 Cutting of an article entitled 'The Dark-Faced Madonna', nd
/104 Typed note of the Lincolnshire superstition that rowan trees keep witches away, nd
/105 Pamphlet produced by the Friends Foreign Mission Association describing the use, in India, of stones for counting, 1916
/106 Letter from Theodore Neild [Leominster] discussing folklore relating to Simnel cakes, 1916
/107 Letter from HP Betts [Steep Vicarage, Petersfield], 1916
/108 Letter from Edward Salisbury [Norbury, London], labelled by James Rendel Harris 'Curious instance of burial of an ox with a man in Dorsetshire', 1916
/109 Letter from Edwin Sidney Hartland [folklorist] concerning ox burial customs, 1916
/110 Letter from Henry Symonds [Roundham, Bridport] to Edward Salisbury also concerning ox burial customs, 1916
/111 Press cutting from the Spectator of a letter from Douglas Owens discussing folklore relating to woodpeckers, 1916
/112 Note by James Rendel Harris entitled 'Conception by the Wind', nd
/113 Note by unknown author of the words of a Lancashire song called 'Old Roger', nd
/114 Letter from Winifred Gill quoting from an American farmer's description of hunting for bees' nests, 1918
/115 Letter from F Kilbey describing fertility rituals in Pachmarhi, India, 1917
/116 Letter from Barbara Foxley [Professor Emeritus, University College, Cardiff], 1918, enclosing /117 letter to Barbara Foxley from RS Leighton [Yorkshire] describing the custom of burning the last sheaf of corn, 1918
/118 Letter from Helen Neild, enclosing /119 a quotation from Gibbon's 'The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', 1916
/120 Note by James Rendel Harris describing a Lancashire superstition relating to white horses, nd
/121-/123 Letters from James George Frazer [anthropologist, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge] thanking James Rendel Harris for sending him information about the Corn Baby, 1922
/124 Cutting reporting on blessing the crops, 1915
/125 Note by James Rendel Harris of a Lancashire custom of calling the seventh child 'Doctor', nd
/126 Letter from P Giles [Emmanuel College, Cambridge] discussing the etymology of gods' names, 1916
/127-/129 Correspondence between P Giles and James Rendel Harris discussing the creation of a memorial to James Hope Moulton, 1917
/130 Cutting reporting on celebrations held to commemorate 50 years of mission work in the Torres Straits, 1921
/131 Letter from J Davies Bryan [Alexandria, Egypt] pointing out that the number 5 is unlucky in the East, 1928
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