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TitleHerman Charles Hoskier
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DescriptionLetters to James Rendel Harris from Herman Charles Hoskier. Hoskier's letters are mostly concerned with his research on the Old and New Testaments. They also comment on various books by Harris. Another theme in the letters is Hoskier's interest in a medium from Philadephia called Mrs John H Curran, who is in touch with a spirit called Patience Worth.

/1 tells Harris of the death of his son, Ronald, who was shot down in the First World War, 17 May 1917; /3 sends Harris a book dictated by Patience Worth through Mrs Curran called 'The Sorry Tale', 19 December 1921; /5 is a short essay by Hoskier entitled 'Appreciation of Patience Worth by an Outsider', nd; /12 comments on proofs of the Bulletin of the Bezan Club, 16 February 1928; /15 Hoskier asks Mrs Curran to help him with his New Testament research: 'Patience Worth, asked the direct question by me, says Mark's Gospel was not first written in Latin', 25 March 1928; /17 tells Harris about the purchase of a gold amulet showing Ammon Ra depicted as an archer kneeling, which he has bought at General Maxwell's sale of Egyptian antiquities', 16 June 1928; /19 talks about his disillusion with current theology, describing an article by Kirsopp Lake as 'one of those indigestible efforts by the modern tribe'.
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