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TitleCA Phillips
Extent36 items
DescriptionLetters and postcards to James Rendel Harris from Rev.Charles Augustine Phillips with some manuscript notes and extracts of texts made by Phillips. There is also a single letter to another correspondent form Phillips.

Phillip's letters are mostly concerned with parish work in Bournemouth and Dorset, his research on the background to the gospels, and visits to the British Museum and other libraries. He also writes about some research in Europe, and uses his knowledge of Syriac, and the classical languages to make constructive comparisons between the New Testament and other literature of the period. He writes regularly to Rendel Harris from Bournemouth to update him on his latest theories on New Testament semantics.

/1 is very involved in parish work in Bournemouth and Dorset so he has not had much time for academic work and asks about Rendel Harris's trip to India, 12 October 1917;
/4 compliments Rendel Harris and Mingana on their respective articles on the Early Father's reading of the Pauline Epistles, the Expositor, 20
December 1921;
/5 has ordered a copy of Rendel Harris's work on the "Testimonies", and is particularly interested in his work on the Old Testament background in
the New Testament, 4 January 1922;
/7 refers to Plooij's research and recent book, 23 September 1923;
/9 thanks Rendel Harris for his article on the New Christian Apology and looks forward to his forthcoming article on 2 Clement, 5 October 1923;
/14 refers to the death of his mother aged 91 but recognises the need to gradually resume work and asks if Rendel Harris could let him have a spare copy of book on Codex Bezae, 3 January 1924;
/16 writes about research visit to the British Museum and the texts he consulted, 17 March 1924;
/17 was enclosed with /16 above and consists of notes and extracts made by Phillips on a Latin text entitled "Tractus Historico-Geographicus quo Ulysseum et Outinum"
/19 writes from Montreux refers to his journey to Corfu and his meeting with Miss Alice Smith who is very appreciative of Rendel Harris's scholarship, 6 July [1924];
/20 writes from Valais and describes his interest in wayside crosses and recommends a monograph on the Saas Valley and enclosing a picture postcard of one of the wayside crosses, 14 July [1924];
/26 is working on Clementine literature, expresses hope that he will see a copy of Rendel Harris's writings when he visits Manchester, and asks
if he can do any research for Rendel Harris, 16 September 1924;
/36 is a letter to Harold Angus from CA Phillips enclosing essays of Rendel Hariis and writes that his vicar, Rev. R. Wragge in Ladywood has all the published addresses of Rendel Harris and quotes them from time to time, 9 June 1941
ArrangementArranged in chronological order. Undated documents have been left in their original place in the sequence.
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Physical Description/1 is folded; /3 is folded


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