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TitleAM Rendel, WJ Rutherfurd, John Roscoe, Robert William Rogers, William Mitchell Ramsay
Extent32 items
DescriptionLetters to James Rendel Harris from /1 AM Rendel [James Rendel Harris's cousin], writing after hearing news of the shipwreck in Corsica, 1917; /2 Rendel [James Rendel Harris's cousin] thanking James Rendel Harris for his sympathy and prayers, 1913; /3-/7 Letters from WJ Rutherfurd [Manchester] suggesting examples of quotations and stories from folklore and classical mythology; /8 Notes made by James Rendel Harris about the Greek tradition that Leto, the mother of Apollo and Artemis, was a wolf, nd; /9-/22 Letters from WJ Rutherfurd discussing folklore and classical mythology including Ahikar; the origin of the term 'germani;' noting that the names of Roman stations in the Rhine valley are derived from Roman numerals; quoting from the Morte d'Arthur; discussing myths derived from Charybdis; repeating stories about Huang Ch'ao, a Chinese soldier who rebelled against the Emperor; giving examples of Chinese beliefs about multiple births, 1922-1925; /23 Letter from John Roscoe [rector of Ovington, Thetford, anthropologist and ethnologist], congratulating James Rendel Harris on his safe return to England and asking his advice about James George Frazer, 1917; /24 Letter from Robert William Rogers [Madison, New Jersey], written after hearing news of James Rendel Harris's shipwreck and safe return, 1917; /25 Typescript list entitled 'Review List,' listing the names of various journals and papers, nd; /26 Letters from WJ Rutherfurd relating to St John and twin cults and to a miracle play about St Katherine, 1924; /27 Reprints of articles by WJ Rutherfurd entitled 'The Physician of King Richard II' and 'A Royal Patient in the 13th century,' 1936; /28-/31 Letters to James Rendel Harris from William Mitchell Ramsay [classical scholar and archaeologist, expert on Asia Minor], saying that Britain should develop an air fleet; discussing Greek expressions; asking James Rendel Harris if he can identify a Greek inscription from a stone, 1917-1918; /32 Letter to James Rendel Harris from Robert William Rogers, recalling the time he spent with James Rendel Harris at Haverford College; saying that he does not contribute to the HauptFestschrift; giving news of his career and family, 1924
ArrangementOriginal order
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Physical Description/28-/32 are folded


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