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TitleHenry Marriage Wallis
Extent12 items
DescriptionLetters to James Rendel Harris from Henry Marriage Wallis [Quaker and Honorary Curator of Vertebrates, Reading Museum], with some press cuttings. /1 discusses an article by Trapman, which he suggests may not be true, 1913; /2 Letter to James Rendel Harris from RM Burrows [King's College, University of London], commenting on articles by Wallis and Trapman, and advising James Rendel Harris not to condemn Trapman without evidence, 1914; /3-/4 Letter to James Rendel Harris discussing evidence for the genuineness or possible forgery of some Greek letters, 1914; /5 letter describing his efforts 'moving all at the F.[oreign] O.[ffice]' in order to get a new Balkan League established, 1914; /6 letter discussing his efforts to influence the Foreign Office on behalf of Bulgaria: 'I am labouring to ally the Balkans against Austria and Turkey' and discussing whether this is the action of 'a consistent Friend', 1914; /7 Press cutting, author unknown, entitled 'The Bulgarians. By One Who Knows Them', 1915; /8 Press cutting of an article by Henry Marriage Wallis entitled 'The Quakers and the War', 1915; /9 Letter asking James Rendel Harris to read a thesis about Bulgaria, and asking him to try to help influence US and English opinion in favour of Bulgaria, 1917; /10 Letter describing 'what I learnt from a diplomat on Monday as to the proposed (and agreed) division of the Turkish Empire', 1917; /11 Letter giving his views on Bulgaria and Balkan diplomacy, 1917; /12 Letter commenting on James Rendel Harris's 'Ulysses to his Friends' and describing his visits to injured soldiers, 1917
ArrangementArranged in chronological order
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionLot 24; /2 is folded


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