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TitleMiscellaneous letters mainly concerning theology
Extent44 items
DescriptionLetters to James Rendel Harris from: /1-/2 Paul Haupt concerning his application for a post in Cambridge, probably at Clare College, 1894; /3-/4 Frank Olivier, French, 1921; /5-/6 G Blakeway, discussing James Rendel Harris's comments on his work on the Western Readings in Acts, 1921; /7-/8 Albert Curtis Clark [Queen's College, Oxford], asking whether James Rendel Harris knows of manuscripts containing the text of Acts, 1921; /9 K ?Sneydere de ?Voyer [Groningen], French, 1924; /10 Dr Eberhard Hommel, German, 1927; /11 Francois Angelini [Cure, Calvi, Corsica], on the end of the First World War, French, 1918; /12 L Maries, saying that he has compared photographs of a manuscript with a copy transcribed by James Rendel Harris and believes they are the same, French, 1919; /13 RE, 1929; /14-/15 Robert W Rogers [Drew Theological Seminary], reporting on 'the Congress' and inviting James Rendel Harris to lecture during his visit to America, 1894; /16 Robert Seymour Conway [classical scholar and philologist], 1918 ( 3 items); /17-/18 ?Ulric Gantillon, concerning translation of a phrase from the Lewisian Palimpsest, and discussing where to bequeath his library, 1929; /19 Note made by James Rendel Harris entitled 'Hymn of the Soul', nd; /20 Alfred Ela, written before James Rendel Harris's journey to India, suggesting books and booksellers to look for, 1916; /21-/22 Ernest B Docker, discussing evidence for the theory that Jesus visited India, 1921; /23-/24 H ?Ranston [clergyman in New Zealand] concerning Koheleth and Theognis, 1920 & 1923; /25 WF Howard [clergyman in Birmingham], 1928; /26 A Souter [Librarian, Mansfield College, Oxford], 1920; /27 J ?Mellan, nd; /28 James Hastings [Editor, Expository Times], 1921; /29 Joseph Armitage Robinson [Dean of Westminster Abbey and of Wells Cathedral], 1921; /30 F Jackson, 1921; /31 Robert H ?Kennet, 1921; /32-/33 Cuthbert M ?Evoy, 1921& 1922; /34-/35 George Farmer, concerning his article on the origins of the Pentateuch, 1921 & 1922; /36 Cuthbert M ?Evoy, 1921; /37 Maurice Jones, 1922; /38 CL Feltoe, asking for help with a translation of Peregrinatio Etheriae, 1918; /39-/40 JF Bethune-Baker [theologian and Fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge], concerning research on the Origins of Papias and summarising his research interests: 'to get Christian Doctrine properly based on the actual experience of Jesus and the impression He produced', 1917 & 1919; /41 F Blass, 1894; /42 William Muir, 1903; /43 IT Marshall, 1902, enclosing /44 a list of readings from the Pal Syr Lectionary.
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