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TitleHenry Vacher Burch
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DescriptionLetters, a number written on postcards, to Rendel Harris from Henry Vacher Burch, together with two published items of Burch, a collection of his exegetical notes on biblical passages and interpretations, and a typescript article. The main sequence of letters, up to 1921, is largely about their collaboration on the publication of the 'Testimonies' which was published in 2 parts in 1917 and 1920 and their continuing theological research. A number of these letters contain detailed descriptions relating to texts and articles. The majority of these letters are written from Birmingham where Burch was associated with the Woodbrooke Settlement. Letters in 1921 also relate to Burch's request for help in advancing his academic study and career. The correspondence ceases in 1921 until 1930 apart from two letters in 1924. Another sequence of 7 letters, dated 1930, are all written from Liverpool where he was working in the Cathedral School of Divinity

The correspondence, /1-47, includes the following:
/5 refers to Rendel Harris's move to Manchester and talks of going to see him, 16 March 1918; /6 asks how his research on the Odes is progressing, 15 May 1918; /7 wonders if he has finished his study on the Nestorian stone as he has found information about it in the latest Bulletin of School of Oriental Studies, 5 June 1918; /9 asks if the John Rylands Library has a spare copy of Peake's lecture on Paul and urges the publication of the second part of the 'Testimonies', 24 June 1918; /12 comments on Rendel Harris's article on the Epistle of James and gives his opinion on the progress of the war, 9 September 1918; /16 refers to his own research for academic journals and a letter he has received from Montague James pressing for the publication of the next part of the 'Testimonies', 1 January 1919; /22 gives his opinion on what should be included in the second part of the 'Testimonies', 12 October 1919; / 23 has read the proofs and queries the weight given to the Mount Athos manuscript, 3 February 1920; /27 disputes the dating of the Odes of Solomon, 29 November 1920; /30 refers to the death of Joseph Lightfoot, 21 February 1921; /31-32 concern his application to undertake a doctorate at the University of Strasbourg and to his research on the decipherment of the Cretan scripts, 19 February and 21 April 1921; /35 is proposing to offer a thesis on 'Paul and Primary Christianity', 3 May 1921; /38 appears to be a request, in French, from the Theology Faculty at Strasbourg University for a reference for Burch and although addressed impersonally is presumably written to Rendel Harris, 27 October 1921; /39 admits to a breakdown in his health, outlines the status of his researches, including historical and sociological, refers to his break with Woodbrooke College and the future direction of his career, and asks Rendel Harris for advice on opening in other Quaker institutions, 31 October 1921; /42 is working on a book on the Epistle to the Hebrews to be dedicated to Rendel Harris and writes about his employment for nearly 5 years as chief lecturer in the Liverpool Cathedral School of Divinity, 4 May 1920; /45 refers to proposed book on Montanism, Manicanism and Gnosticism and to planned revision of last chapters of his book on Hebrews, 30 May 1930; /46 asks to talk to Rendel Harris about 'Testimonia' matters, 5 June 1930;

Other items include:
/48 offprint of article by Burch, 'The literary unity of the Ascensio Isaiae' from Journal of Theological Studies, October 1918; /49-/61 Burch's undated manuscript notes written on scraps of paper, two of which reuse the back of old Woodbrooke College printed programmes of classes; /62 text of lecture delivered by Burch entitled 'An Appeal for the foundation of an educational fellowship for Christian Citizenship' to the members of Bournville Brotherhood and Fircroft Adult School on 10 June 1917 and published by Caxton Press; /63 typescript of short article entitled 'Circumcision of the heart' with some manuscript annotations and presumably written by Burch
ArrangementLetters arranged in chronological order. Notes and articles listed at the end of the series.
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