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TitleGeneral correspondence
Extent168 items
DescriptionCorrespondence, typescript copy correspondence, transcripts and extracts of the correspondence of Herbert and Caroline Tugwell, transcripts and extracts from the diaries of Herbert Tugwell, press cuttings and printed material relating to general missionary matters, including Tugwell's appointment to the Yoruba mission, general diocesan affairs whilst Tugwell was Bishop of West Equatorial Africa including his travels to mission stations and areas appropriate for the possible establishment of new mission stations, his campaign for the prohibition of liquor traffic in West Africa, the 'Royal Commission on Liquor Traffic in Southern Nigeria' [circa 1909], and his associated libel case;
the correspondents include professional and personal associates, fellow missionaries in Great Britain and the West African region, and clerical colleagues in England;
in addition, the correspondence contains letters from Caroline to their children, Dorothy and Herbert, who remained in England;
Includes /1-2 Letter from secretaries of the CMS on Tugwell's appointment to missionary work at the Yoruba Mission, with enclosed instructions, Jan 1890; /3 Extracts from Herbert Tugwell's diary: daily entries for 27-31 Oct 1892, providing details of journey by canoe from Lagos, stop-over at a village called 'Ladaba', and missionary activities, nd [late 19th century]; /8 Extracts from letter from L. H. Nott [?CMS associate], from Tripoli, to Rev Frederick Baylis, as Sec, CMS, 1892-1922, relating to proposals to send a mission party to Hausaland, Oct 1898; /9-23 Correspondence, typescript copy correspondence, printed extract from publication entitled 'Niger and Yoruba Notes' and associated papers relating to the libel case of Herbert Tugwell, May 1899; /25-26 Transcripts of entries from Herbert Tugwell's diary: daily entries for 24 Mar-14 Jul 1900, nd [early 20th century]; /27-33 Correspondence, printed material and associated papers relating to the establishment of the West Africa Native Bishopric's Fund, May 1900-Sep 1904; /37-38 Typescript copies of correspondence with General Sir Frederick Lugard, High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief of Northern Nigeria, 1900-1906, relating to anxieties concerning the establishment of the Gierko mission, Jul-Oct 1900; /45-46 Correspondence from CMS officials relating to plans for Caroline to join her husband in Hausaland, and the health of the missionaries in Gierko, Sep 1900; /52-55 Correspondence and typescript transcripts of correspondence from G. P. Bargery, a CMS missionary, from Gierko, and Dr Walker R. Miller, a CMS missionary, from Zaria and Gierko, relating to visit of Captain ?Abadie to Gierko and subsequent discussions with the Sultan, and Miller's journey from Zaria to Gierko, 1902; /69 Typescript notes by Herbert Tugwell providing an account of his visit with Archdeacon Melville Jones and Mrs Jones to Yoruba, Ondo, Ikiti and Kukuruku, 1906; /70 Typescript transcript of address by Bishop Tugwell to the Synod [Lagos], Jul 1906; /71-78 Correspondence and papers relating to affairs of Archdeacon Melville Jones, 1907-1910; /94-97 Letter from the Native Races and the Liquor Traffic Committee relating to liquor traffic in Southern Nigeria, with enclosed printed papers, Dec 1908; /101-102 Typescript copy correspondence sent from Obonoma and Ebu Owerri in Southern Nigeria, to their children, Herbert and Dorothy Tugwell, providing details of missionary endeavours, and travelling experiences, Nov 1909; /112-117 Correspondence and associated papers from J. Newton, sec, Native Races and the Liquor Traffic United Committee, relating to proposal to establish a Nigerian auxiliary committee, Mar-May 1916; /118 Notes relating to the history of missionary activity in Lagos, 1917; /121-128 Correspondence from CMS associates and representatives of Nigerian churches and mission stations, and associates, on the retirement of Herbert Tugwell from West Africa, 1919-1920; /149 Paper entitled 'Bishop Tugwell's Notes on Nigeria', 1927; /150-157 Correspondence to Caroline Tugwell from various associates of her husband in Great Britain and Nigeria, extending condolences on Herbert Tugwell's death, 1936-1937
ArrangementAs the correspondence was in no discernible order, it has been arranged chronologically; inconsistencies appear where the original order of associated correspondence has been retained; undated material has been placed at the rear of the file
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionSome items require careful handling due to frailty of the paper; due to the poor condition of the press cuttings, please consult the accompanying photocopies


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