Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)DA44/1/10
TitleCorrespondence and papers relating to the 'Native House' system and associated labour questions in Southern Nigeria
Extent39 items
Date1909-[early 20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence, including typescript copy correspondence, and transcripts of correspondence and other papers of Herbert Tugwell relating to the 'slavery question' in Southern Nigeria post the establishment of the colony in 1900; most specifically, the application of the Colonial Government's 'Native House Rule Ordinance', and the slave trade activities of native Chiefs in the region;
the correspondents include Southern Nigerian Government officials, residents in Southern Nigeria, and the Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society;
Includes /1-2 Correspondence [?with the District Commissioner, Southern Nigeria] relating to Southern Nigerian affairs including marital practice, the need for a mortuary chapel at Onitsha, and Government grants to the Onitsha Institution, Aug-Sep 1909; /3-5 Typescript copy letter to Sir Walter Egerton, High Commissioner of Southern Nigeria, 1906-1912, relating to correspondence between Tugwell and the District Commissioner concerning alleged Government 'forced labour' policies, most especially the procurement of labour from Chiefs through the application of the 'Native House Rule Ordinance', with copies of correspondence between Tugwell and the District Commissioner, Nov 1910; /7 Letter from Sir Walter Egerton relating to nature of the 'Native House Rule Ordinance', Nov 1910; /8 Letter from W. C., who describes himself as 'a gentleman of Newbalabar', relating to the treatment of slaves by native Chiefs and relations between the Chiefs and Colonial officials, Mar 1911; /9-15 Correspondence and typescript transcripts of correspondence from Travers Burton, Sec, Anti-Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society, relating to the 'slavery situation' in Southern Nigeria and the 'Native House Rule Ordinance', with transcripts of correspondence and draft correspondence from George V. Fiddes, Assistant Under-Sec of State for the Colonies, 1909-1916, and between Tugwell and the editor of 'The Times', typescript extract from official Government publication entitled 'Southern Nigeria Report for 1901' [Cd. 1388-5], and associated papers, Jun-Oct 1911; /25-30 Typescript copy/transcripts of correspondence between Rev Henry Proctor, a CMS missionary, from Patani, and the District Commissioner of Brass River, F. Sinclair, as Acting District Commissioner of Brass, Hon. J. J. Thorburn [?Colonial Secretary], W. Fosbery, Provincial Commissioner, Eastern Province, Calabar, in Southern Nigeria, and F. S. James, Acting Colonial Sec in Lagos, relating to experiences of the application of the 'Native House Rule Ordinance' by native CMS associates, May-Oct 1910; /35-38 Manuscript notes comprising testimonies of natives who have suffered under the 'Native House Rule Ordinance', nd [circa 1910]
ArrangementThe correspondence is arranged in approximate chronological order, with typescript copy correspondence and other papers at the rear of the file, as found
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionThe correspondence and papers were originally stored in a folder inscribed on the outside cover 'The Towns. Native System'


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