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TitleCorrespondence to Caroline Tugwell on the death of Herbert Tugwell
Extent43 items
DescriptionCorrespondence from friends, associates and clergy, from throughout Great Britain and overseas, extending condolences on the death of her husband, Jul-Sep; the letters include accounts of previous friendships with the Bishop, arrangements for memorial services, and general family matters;
Includes /6 Letter from J. G. Tilleard, who served as a young solder in Nigeria when he first met Herbert Tugwell in 1901, 23 Jul; /7 Letter from Isabel L. Hamlyn, wife of Rt Rev N. Temple Hamlyn a fellow CMS missionary in the Brass River, Niger, 1896-1898, relating to memories of her experiences with Bishop Tugwell in Nigeria, 23 Jul; /4 Letter from E. T. Pakenham, a former member of Bishop Tugwell's clergy, 24 Jul; /15 Letter from Dr Walker R. Miller, a fellow CMS missionary with Tugwell in Nigeria, 24 Jul; /16 Letter from Bishop T. Taylor ?Smithy, 24 Jul; /24 Letter from Gilbert Dawson of the Sudan United Mission, 29 Jul; /26 Letter from Eleanor E. S. Basdew extending her sympathy at the loss of the Bishop who celebrated the marriage between her husband and herself thirty one years previously and who are about to embark on missionary work, 31 Jul; /27 Letter from ?G. Hayward, a fellow CMS missionary, with brief account of experiences with the Bishop in Nigeria, 9 Aug; /28 Letter from E. A. Dimieari, from Owupele Wari, Nigeria, providing brief details of arrangements for memorial services, 9 Aug; /29 Letter from Rt Rev Bertram Lasbrey, Bishop on the Niger, 1922-1945, from Onitsha, Nigeria, Jul 1936; /30 Letter from Sam Madu ?Uderivy, a former associate of Bishop Tugwell, from Lagos], 23 Jul; /31 Letter from ?A. C. Olnwole, a former associate of Bishop Tugwell, from Lagos, 24 Jul; /32 Letter from C. W. Wakeman, a CMS missionary, from Lagos, on behalf of all missionaries at the Yoruba mission, including brief details of memorial service to be held in the cathedral, 24 Jul; /33 Letter from Bishop Alfred Smith, CMS Wusasa, from Zaria, 23 Jul; /35 Letter from Canon E. J. Evans, from St Andrew's College, Oyo, Nigeria, 30 Jul; /38 Letter from Archdeacon D. C. Crowther, from Freetown, Sierra Leone, 24 Aug; /40 Letter from Ebun A. Babaniji, Deputy Registrar, Korodu Colony, Nigeria, 24 Jul; /41 Letter from ?T. B. Wilcock, Sec, the Synod, Onitsha, writing on behalf of the Niger Diocese and Mission, 4 Aug; /42 Letter from Frederick C. Linfield, Hon Sec, Native Races and the Liquor Trafic United Committee, with enclosed resolution, 18 Sep
ArrangementArranged in approximate chronological order, as found; where inconsistencies appear, the original order of the papers has been maintained
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