Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)DA44/1/7
TitleCorrespondence relating to the Gierko mission in Hausaland
Extent28 items
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy, draft and copy press correspondence of Herbert Tugwell, printed material, and other papers of Herbert Tugwell relating to his journey into Hausaland, most specifically his stay with a mission party in Gierko, from May 1900, and his removal to Lokoja in Northern Nigeria in response to pressure from Colonial officials and local chiefs, and due to the necessity to pursue his diocesan obligations; in addition, there is also material relating to the affairs of fellow missionaries in the region;
the correspondents include Tugwell's missionary colleagues, CMS officials and individuals associated with Nigeria;
Includes /1-2 Letter from George Taubman Goldie, the Royal Niger Company, relating to arrangements for journey, with samples of cloth attached and list of 'useful hints' by Mr Moseley, Oct 1899; /3-4 Copy correspondence from Herbert Tugwell, from ?Lokoja to Dr Walker R. Miller relating to general impressions of area, and general matters including the affairs of fellow missionaries, diocesan matters, and plans for his departure to ?Ibadan, Mar 1901; /5 Printed, 'General Instructions to the Hausa Party', from the CMS, Nov 1899; /7-8 [Copy] correspondence and papers from John R. Burgin, a CMS missionary, from Lokoja, to Dr Walker R. Miller providing details of goods awaiting Miller in Lokoja, Apr 1901; /9-13 Correspondence from Herbert Lankester, Sec, Medical Committee, CMS, to Dr Walker R. Miller relating to provision of medical supplies to missionaries and request for correspondence from Miller to print in CMS publications, Feb-Nov 1900; /14-17 Copy press correspondence, correspondence and resolution from Rev Frederick Baylis, Sec, CMS, 1892-1922, relating to the death of Rev Ryder, a fellow member of the mission party in Hausaland, and affairs of other missionaries, the necessity for 'replacement missionaries', and plans for Tugwell's removal from Gierko, Jul 1900; /18 Letter from Fr. R. Thomson, of the Training Institute, Old Calabar, West Africa, relating to request for supply of men to fill vacancies, and the general success of the Institute, Apr 1899; /21 Copy letter from ?N. Conway Elliott, of the Royal Niger Company, from Jebba, relating to the transport of supplies to Gierko, Oct 1900; /22 Typescript draft copy letter from Dr Walker R. Miller, from Lokoja, to General Sir Frederick Lugard, High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief of Northern Nigeria, 1900-1906, relating to concerns of Lugard for the safety of the mission party, and anxieties regarding the activities of the missionaries, Feb 1901; /26-28 Correspondence from A. E. Richardson, a fellow missionary, from the river Niger, 20 miles above Lokoja, and from Lokoja, relating to his journey from Okero to Egga, his arrival in Lokoja, his daily routine and expenses, with associated papers, Jun 1900
ArrangementArranged approximately according to surname of correspondent, and thereafter chronologically, as found
Access StatusOpen
Physical DescriptionThe correspondence was originally stored in an envelope bearing the title 'Re Journey to Hausaland, Keep for Reference'


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