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TitleFile of press cuttings
Extent1 file
DescriptionFile of press cuttings about Alphonse Mingana including: cutting describing the Emir of Yemen's visit to the Mingana Collection, 1937; article by Mingana entitled 'Mosul: its population and resources', 1923; press cutting of an article entitled 'The Kurdish Revolt', 1925; articles reporting on the King of Egypt's visit to Manchester, 1927; article entitled 'The Fighting in Kurdistan', 1928; articles about Mingana's discovery of documents that tell new versions of the story of the crucifixion: 'The Lament of Mary' and 'The Martyrdom of Pilate', 1928; article by Mingana explaining why the Turkish Government has decided to use Roman instead of Arabic letters for all Turkish writing, 1929; article reporting on Mingana's translation of 'The Vision of Theophilus', 1929; article by Henry Guppy [Librarian, John Rylands Library] about the Bible, 1929; articles about the discovery of an early Christian document, 'The Apocalypse of Peter', English and Norwegian, 1930; articles reporting on Mingana's discovery of a document which suggests that the Fourth Gospel was written by John the Younger, a disciple of the Apostle, 1930; article entitled 'Higher Criticism of the Qur'an: the Confiscated Commentary of Muhammad Abu Zaid', 1931; articles about Mingana's discovery and translation of the 'Book of Faith', a commentary on the Nicene Creed by Theodore of Mopsuestia, 1932; articles about Mingana's move from Manchester to Birmingham, 1932; reviews of 'Woodbrooke Studies: Christian documents in Syriac, Arabic, and Garshuni' and 'Early Christian Mystics', one article in Dutch?, 1933-1934; article about Mingana's discovery of title pages of manuscripts from St Catherine's Monastery, Sinai, 1936; article reporting on the official opening of the Selly Oak Colleges Library, 1932; article about the illuminated manuscript by Nizami, which tells the story of Khusrau and Shirin, 1937; article reporting on the visit of the Emir Saif-ul-Islam, son of the ruler of Yemen, to Selly Oak Colleges Library, 1937; articles and correspondence concerning Mingana's death, 1937.
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