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TitleCorrespondence PQ
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DescriptionLetters from Mingana to Professor Vittore Pisani [International Congress of Orientalists, Rome], booking a place at the Congress, and later deciding not to attend because of the international situation, 1935; Correspondence between Mingana and Rev CA Phillips concerning Phillips's questions about the use of the relative pronoun in Syriac, the Syriac word for friend, the death of Daniel Plooij, and passing on news of James Rendel Harris's health, 1934-1937; Letters from Mingana to J Enoch Powell [Trinity College, Cambridge], asking him to date Greek manuscripts, 1936-1937; Correspondence between Kathleen Garnett [Mingana's secretary], Mingana and A Probsthain [bookseller, London], 1936-1938; Correspondence between Mingana and A Raes [Professor, Rome] concerning photographs of manuscripts, French, 1936; Correspondence between Mingana and SI Solomons ordering rotographs of manuscripts from the collection and asking Mingana if he has a manuscript suitable for editing as a thesis for his Phd, 1933; Letters to Mingana from J Enoch Powell, saying that he would be interested to see photographs of the Greek palimpsests from Sinai and identifying a manuscript of the Greek acta of the Council of Florence, 1936; Correspondence between Mingana and Martin C Johnson [Physics Department, Birmingham University] ordering photographs of a diagram from a medieval Arabic manuscript in his collection published as 'Epicyclic orbits from a medieval Arabic Ms in the collection of Dr Mingana', 1936; Correspondence between Mingana and Irenee Hausherr [Professor, Oriental Institute, Rome] ordering photographs of Mingana Syriac 605, 1935; Correspondence between Mingana and Rev ER Hayes concerning rotographs of a manuscript of the Statutes of the School of Nisibin, Mingana's proofreading Hayes's translation of the manuscript, sending books to Hayes, 1934-1936; Correspondence between the Librarian, Selly Oak Colleges, and Irenee Hausherr concerning Hausherr's edition of Gregory of Cyprus, 1938; Correspondence between the Librarian of Selly Oak Colleges and A Raes concerning photographs of manuscripts from the collection and asking for bibliographical information about one of Mingana's books, 1938.
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