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DescriptionIt seems likely that these papers were supposed to be filed in the alphabetical sequence and this was not done.

/1 Letter to Mingana from Walter Ewing Crum [Coptic scholar] asking him to check a reading in a Coptic manuscript held at John Rylands Library, enclosing press cuttings: 'The Play on Peter's Name' discussing translations of the word for 'stone' in Greek and Syriac, reporting on building a Catholic Church in the Garden of Gethsemane, article reporting on plans to establish a Catholic University in the East, 1928; /2 Postcard to Mingana from Franz Taeschner, German, 1935; /3-/4 Correspondence between Annie Maunder [astronomer] and Mingana concerning an astronomical map from the Mingana Collection published in the Manchester Guardian in 1933, 1933; /5-/25 Correspondence between Mingana, Maurice A Canney, and F Donald Coggan re sending rotographs of Mingana Syriac 215 'The Treatise of Dionysius Barsalibi against the Chalcedonians' to Coggan and his work on an edition of the manuscript for his Phd, 1932-1935; /26-/28 Copy of letter from Abdul Khamid [Lecturer in Philosophy, Government College, Gujurat, India] to Mingana asking for permission to publish an Urdu translation of Mingana's 'Book of Religion and Empire', with letters from Mingana and from Henry Guppy [Librarian, John Rylands Library] giving permission, 1934; /29-/30 Letters from Mingana to Hans Lietzmann concerning the Liturgy of Theodore, 1933; /31-/33 Letter from Rev W Lockton [King Alfred's College, Winchester] concerning Johannine quotations, 1934; /34 Letter to an unknown correspondent from Smith, concerning authorship of the Fourth Gospel, nd; /35-/39 Letters from Mingana to Professor Franz Taeschner [Munster, Germany], commenting on his article about Tabari's quotations from the Pentateuch, 1935, including a letter to Mingana from Taeschner, German, 1935; /40 Letter to Mingana from Professor Arent Jan Wensinck [Secretary to the Redaction of the Encyclopedia of Islam; Professor of Hebrew, then Arabic at University of Leiden], congratulating him on acquiring and publishing a manuscript, probably the 'Traditions of Bukhari', 1936; /41-/44 Correspondence between Mingana and R Ramsay Wright concerning a celestial map published in the Manchester Guardian, 1933; /45-/46 Notes from Mingana to Pastor R Abramowski, 1934, 1936; /47-/52 Letters to Mingana from Ernest Minor Patterson [President, The American Academy of Political and Social Science], concerning his membership of the Academy, 1930-1933; /53-/56 Letter to Mingana from George A Ashkar [Beirut, Syria] enclosing photographs of 'the Ethiopian book' he has for sale, 1935; /57-/61 Letters to Mingana from George A Ashkar [Beirut, Syria], enclosing photographs of manuscripts for sale and including /62 a letter in Arabic, 1935-1936; /63-/64 Letters to Mingana from AS Atiya concerning his research on Arabic manuscripts, 1932; /65 Letter to Mingana from BH ?Sheeter [Queen's College, Oxford], 1934; /66 Letter to Mingana from Philipp HS ?Hyameon, 1933; /67 Letter to Mingana from G Furlani asking whether John Rylands would be willing to send their Syr MS 44 to the British Museum for him to study, 1919; /68 Letter to Miss Boyd from W St Clair Tisdall concerning negative reviews of Agnes Smith Lewis's and Mingana's 'Leaves from Three Ancient Korans' published in 'The Moslem World', 1915.
ArrangementThe original labelling on the boxes suggests that they are a single series, which was meant to be filed in alphabetical order. This order is not completely accurate; there is more than one group of papers for some letters of the alphabet, and some correspondence has not been filed in the alphabetical sequence. The papers have been listed in their original order and the letter of the alphabet they belong to has been noted where possible.
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