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TitleCorrespondence A-B
Extent1 file
DescriptionIncludes letters, mainly from J Sutherland [Aberdeen University Press], with a few from Mingana discussing publishing and printing Mingana's catalogues, Woodbrooke studies, and books, 1929-1936; Correspondence between Mingana and Ernest A Wallis Budge [Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiquities, British Museum] including letter from Mingana correcting some points in an article by Wallis Budge, 1931-1933; Letters from Mingana to Francis Crawford Burkitt, discussing Theodore of Mopsuestia, 1933-1934; Letter to Mingana from JHW Bailey, asking about Armenian collections in Britain, 1934; Letter to Mingana from DN Barber asking to call on him, 1932; Letter from Vernon Bartlett [Ecclesiastical historian, Exeter College, Oxford] to Wood, commenting on 'Dr Mingana's excellent edition', 1933; Letter from Mingana to Granville Bantock, arranging to visit him, 1934; Correspondence between Mingana and Petros de Baz, 1934; Letter to Mingana from John Nicholas Beffel, 1928; Letter to Mingana from Richard Bell [Edinburgh], asking him to read a thesis about the Yezidis, with Mingana's reply and comments, 1933; Correspondence between Mingana and J Kingsley Birge: Birge asks whether the Bible was translated into Turkish or Persian before 1600 and Mingana says he believes that it was not, 1932; Letter of condolence from Mingana to M Maurice Briere on the death of Francois Nau, French, 1934; Letter to Mingana from Bang Kaup [University of Berlin], German, 1926.
ArrangementThe original labelling on the boxes suggests that they are a single series, which was meant to be filed in alphabetical order. This order is not completely accurate; there is more than one group of papers for some letters of the alphabet, and some correspondence has not been filed in the alphabetical sequence. The papers have been listed in their original order and the letter of the alphabet they belong to has been noted where possible.
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