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Extent125 items
DescriptionCorrespondence to and carbon copy correspondence from Mingana mainly to other scholars including enquiries about manuscripts in his collection, requests for photographs of manuscripts, and requests for, or enquiries about his books. Includes: /11-/17 correspondence with JB Chabot sending him copies of his books, thanking him for a favourable review of 'Job of Edessa', and /17 mentions that he is trying to buy a manuscript of the Nestorian Synods, French, 1935-1937; /18-/27 Correspondence between Mingana and HM Cashmore [City Library, Birmingham] arranging to buy copies of Mingana's books for the City Library, 1933-1935; /28-/32 Correspondence with T Gambier Parry [Bodleian Library, Oxford] asking for photographs of a manuscript, 1934; /38-/113 Correspondence with Edward Cadbury, 1930-1938, mainly discussing the production of Mingana's catalogues, including /43 letter from Mingana telling Cadbury about the prices of 'the Sinaitic fragments', and 'the large Ethiopic MS and 'a Coptic MS', 1936; /50-/51 Letters to Cadbury, one unsigned, one from Kathleen Garnett [Mingana's secretary], written after Mingana's death, discussing arrangements for helping Professor David Margoliouth to finish Mingana's Syriac catalogue and his work on the early spread of Christianity in Arabia, 1937-1938; /103 Letter from Mingana to Cadbury telling him that he 'has received 17 parcels of Arabic manuscripts', 1932; /108 Letter from Mingana to Cadbury telling him that he has received 'Two parcels of Syriac Manuscripts from Kurdistan and Iraq', 1932; /114-/115 Letters to Mingana from Richard Gottleib, discussing Mingana's article 'An Ancient Syriac Translation of the Koran', 1925; /116-/117 Letters to Mingana from HAR Gibb [School of Oriental Studies, University of London], 1932; /118-/121 Letters to Mingana from Kathleen Garnett, arranging to visit him to discuss becoming his secretary, 1932; /122-/125 Correspondence between Mingana and Henry Guppy [Librarian, John Rylands Library], 1932.
ArrangementThe original labelling on the boxes suggests that they are a single series, which was meant to be filed in alphabetical order. This order is not completely accurate; there is more than one group of papers for some letters of the alphabet, and some correspondence has not been filed in the alphabetical sequence. The papers have been listed in their original order and the letter of the alphabet they belong to has been noted where possible.
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