Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)DA66/1/3/2/6
TitleCorrespondence with J Jones, TV John, and George Jennison
Extent15 items
Description/1-/2 Correspondence between Mingana and J Jones: Jones asks Mingana to give him some advice about studying Syriac and Mingana invites him to visit Birmingham, 1933; /3 Letter to Mingana from TV John [Librarian, Union Christian College, Alwaye, India] thanking him for giving volumes of the Woodbrooke studies to the Library, 1933; /4-/15 Correspondence between Mingana and George Jennison: Jennison is researching the use of mail pigeons, and Mingana says that they were used by the Caliphs. Jennison asks Mingana's opinion of George Lamsa's translation of Christ's words on the Cross as 'For this was I kept'; Mingana says that he does not agree with it, 1934-1935.
ArrangementThe original labelling on the boxes suggests that they are a single series, which was meant to be filed in alphabetical order. This order is not completely accurate; there is more than one group of papers for some letters of the alphabet, and some correspondence has not been filed in the alphabetical sequence. The papers have been listed in their original order and the letter of the alphabet they belong to has been noted where possible.
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