Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)HM/318-348
TitleCorrespondence mainly with John Garnett, publisher
Extent31 items
DescriptionLetters in this section are mostly between John Garnett and Harriet Martineau, although other letters are included to and from Francis Holl; Atkinson; Margaret Gillies; William Banks; George Smith; Maria Martineau; Banks & Co. and McQueen Bros. The correspondence relates to the illustrations, engravings and publication of Martineau's 'Sketches from Life'; the autobiography; and discussions surrounding a book on the Lake District by Mr Linton and Harriet Martineau's 'Guide to the Lake District'.
NotesThe original paper catalogue listed these letters as being from Jeremiah Garnett, but they are in fact largely to and from John Garnett. Letter HM/330 is signed in full by John Garnett, as is the statement of accounts HM/336, and his address 'Post Office, Windermere' on some of his letters in this section matches that of other letters by him in the Martineau family papers collection (see reference HMM/B/3).
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