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TitleNew Zealand: Ratana
DescriptionThis is the largest independent Maroi Movement, founded by Wiremu Ratana (1873-1939), a Methodist farmer, after the 1918 world influenza epidemic. He rejected traditional Maori religion and sought return to Jehovah, and moral reform. After early cooperation with the churches formed the Ratana Church in 1925, with headquarters at Ratana Pa and some 25,000 members by the 1970s. For a period all four Maori seats in parliament were held by Ratana members. Despite friendly dealings with individuals, especially Methodists, there has been little desire for relations with the Christian Churches. The main history is that by J. McL. Henderson at XHT/C/7/21 and the articles by Maharaia Winiata at XHT/C/6/389/390 and at XHT/C/7/58. 'Bibliography of New Religious Movements in Primal Societies, Volume 3, Oceania (by) Harold W. Turner : Place, Publisher and Date of Publication: Boston, Massachusetts, G.K. Hall & Co., 1990, p 301-302.
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