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TitleCorrespondence and papers
DescriptionSeries comprising 11 sub-series; sub-series XJC/1/1-6 are official sequences of correspondence which have been arranged according to their original organisation at their time of compilation and receipt by Joseph Chamberlain and his office; of these sub-series, those sequences of correspondence for which correspondence indexes and registers have been retained [XJC/1/1-5] have been arranged according to their accompanying registers; correspondence in the remaining official sub-series [XJC/1/6] has been organised according to the original arrangement in which the correspondence was found [the letters were bundled alphabetically by correspondent's surname, and then ordered chronologically within these divisions]; sub-series XJC/1/7-11 form artificial sub-series; of these, sub-series XJC/1/7-9 comprise files which have been organised into three chronological sub-divisions; these sub-divisions reflect the major developments in Joseph Chamberlain's professional and political career: 1872-1894 contains papers relating to his activities as Birmingham Town Councillor and Mayor, his election to Parliament, his appointment to the Presidency of the Board of Trade, the Local Government Board, and chairmanship of the Washington Fishery Conference; 1895-1903 includes papers relating to his period in office as Secretary of State for the Colonies; and 1904-1914 includes papers relating to his political activities following his resignation from the Cabinet until his retirement from Parliament shortly prior to his death; within these sub-divisions the files are organised alphabetically by subject; files which bridge these chronological sub-divisons form a further artificial sub-series [XJC/1/10]; this covers a broad chronological range, 1861-1975, and is also organised alphabetically by subject; the final artificial sub-series comprises correspondence between Joseph Chamberlain and various named correspondents, and is arranged alphabetically by surname of correspondent
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