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TitleMiscellaneous correspondence and transcripts of correspondence, 1888-1906
Extent235 items
Date1900-[early 20th century]
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy, typescript transcripts and extracts of correspondence, arranged alphabetically, between Joseph Chamberlain [mainly in his capacity as Sec of State for the Colonies, 1895-1903], fellow Government figures, political colleagues, Colonial, War and Foreign Office officials, representatives of political and commercial associations, South African politicians, military figures and residents of South Africa, foreign diplomatic officials, Royal dignitaries and Secretaries, personal associates and family members [Austen Chamberlain, son of Joseph Chamberlain] relating to various affairs including South Africa [development of Boer War, situation in South African colonies during conflict, negotiations and peace settlement, administration of Cape martial law, and appointment of Royal Commission inquiring into sentences issued during its operation, compensation claims from farmers in region and correspondence from those who lost relatives in the conflict, South African Land Settlement Commission, proposed deportation of Boer women, financial loan to the Transvaal, conditions in the refugee camps, tram and rail lines in region]; official appointments and requests for employment; requests for interviews and letters of introduction; award of official honours; domestic politics including legislative reform [Education Bill of 1902], election campaigns [1900], reform of House of Commons, and temperance reform; miscellaneous colonial affairs [Atlantic Shipping Combine, tariff reform and extension of penny postage to Australia]; and various personal matters [Chamberlain's cab accident]; with correspondence to James Louis Garvin [biographer of Joseph Chamberlain] relating to research for the biography, wrappers, printed material [including press cuttings], memoranda, envelopes and calling cards
Including /2 Letter from Lord Ampthill [Arthur Oliver Villiers Russell Ampthill, 2nd Baron Ampthill: Principal Private Sec to Joseph Chamberlain, 1897-1900; on his appointment to Governorship of Madras] relating to Queen Victoria's death and his impressions of India, Mar 1901; /5 Letter from Henrietta Baden-Powell [mother of Col. Baden-Powell] relating to publication containing alleged correspondence of her son's regarding his service in Mafeking, with printed extract from 'The King' and wrapper, Feb 1900; /6-7 Letter from J. G. A. Baird MP relating to enclosed correspondence from a Johannesburg merchant demanding compensation for losses incurred during Boer War, with letter from merchant to Baird, Sep 1900; /9 Letter from Sir Eric Barrington [Private Sec to Lord Salisbury, 1895-1900, Foreign Office] to Lord Monkbretton [John William Dodson, 2nd Baron Monkbretton: Principal Private Sec of State for Colonies, 1900-1903, Colonial Office] relating to disloyalty of Dutch clergy in Cape colony, with memorandum and extract from prayer offered in Cape, Jun 1901; /10-11 Typescript memoranda from Sir Elllis Ashmead Bartlett [MP] relating to his visit to Swaziland, with wrapper, May 1900; /13-14 Copy correspondence and correspondence with Sec of West Birmingham Liberal Unionist Club relating to resolution concerning settlement in South Africa, Jun 1902; /20 Letter from William Sproston Caine [MP] relating to speech by Chamberlain on temperance reform, Nov 1901; /27-28 Correspondence from Lady Violet E. Cecil [Capetown] relating to situation in Cape, and her stay with Cecil Rhodes, May-Oct 1900; /29-33 Correspondence and typescript transcripts of correspondence between Henry Chaplin [1st Viscount Chaplin: MP], Joseph Chamberlain and Mary Chamberlain [nee Endicott, Carnegie] relating to Small Holdings Bill, General Election campaign of 1900, and Chamberlain's cab accident, May 1888-1902; /44-45 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Sir John Henry de Villiers [1st Baron de Villiers: South African judge] relating to attitudes of Cape Dutch and situation in colony, with wrapper, Dec 1900-Jan 1901; /46-48 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Sir Charles Wentworth Dilke [MP] relating to disputed jurisdiction of New Hebrides, with memorandum and wrapper, Mar 1901; /59-61 Correspondence from Baron von Eckhardstein [German Ambassador, London] relating to decree of German Emperor forbidding German soldiers to participate in Boer War, and Eckhardstein's decision to retire from German diplomatic service, with envelope, 1900-1903; /67-68 Correspondence from Hugh Oakely Arnold-Forster [MP] accepting Chair of Commission inquiring into land settlement in South Africa, and publication of its Report, with envelope and wrappers, Jul 1900-Mar 1901; /69-71 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Francis William Fox relating to possibility of Dutch politicians assisting in peace settlement negotiations, with typescript memorandum of interview between Fox and the Dutch Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nov-Dec 1901; /74 Letter from Sir Edward Grey [1st Viscount Grey of Fallodan] relating to his refusal of governorship of Cape, Dec 1900; /81-82 Correspondence from Lord Harris relating to appointment of Hugh Oakley Arnold-Forster as legal adviser to military authorities in Johannesburg; and affairs of the Johannesburg-Botsburg tramway, with wrapper, 1900-1902; /94 Typescript copy letter to Lady Jersey expressing support for work of the Victoria League, Mar 1902 /97 Letter from Joseph Lawrence relating to his Parliamentary candidature and Chamberlain's South African policy, with printed pamphlet by Lawrence concerning origins of war, press cutting and wrapper, Mar 1900; /105 Letter from Walter Long MP relating to Sir Alfred Milner [1st Viscount Milner: Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901; High Commissioner for South Africa, 1897-1905] and proposal to deport Boer women from the colony, Nov 1901; /107 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Alfred Lyttelton [MP; Chairman of Commission to South Africa, 1900] relating to proposed confiscation of Netherlands Railway in Cape, with wrapper and envelope, Sep-Oct 1900; /112 Letter from Sir William Thackeray Marriott [MP] relating to progress of Boer War [criticisms of military strategies, treatment of Colonial volunteers and Kaffirs, and press censorship], Jul 1901; /115 Letter from Admiral Frederick Maxse [admiral and political writer] whilst in Bloemfontein relating to situation in colony [lack of provisions in stores and troop deployments] and arrival of Rudyard Kipling, Mar 1900; /130 Memorandum providing account of life of Frederick Gerard Van Ginkel Bekker [killed in action at Bitterputs, Namqualand on Nov 1901 aged 20 years], nd [early 20th century]; /137-139 Correspondence from Sir John Robinson [Premier of Natal 1893-1897] relating to speech by Chamberlain on South Africa, South African peace settlement, and suspension of Cape constitution, with wrappers, Feb-Jul 1902; /151-152 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Mr Seton Karr relating to Karr's proposal for establishment of a 'Sharpshooters Corp' to aid British colonization in South Africa, with typescript memorandum by Karr, May 1900; /154 Letter from S. Madho Singh [Maharaja of Jaipur] relating to his visit to England, Aug 1902; /158-160 Typescript transcripts of correspondence to George Titterton [Birmingham Liberal Unionist] relating to accusations regarding conditions in South African refugee camps, resolutions of the West Birmingham Liberal Unionist Association, the Birmingham tram system and its associations with the Town Council, Nov 1901-Sep 1902; /172 Letter from the Bishop of Worcester relating to the Education Bill, 1902
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Physical Description/27, /59, /107, /162 correspondence, wrapper and envelope detached from mountings, /130 oversize item requires separate storage


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