Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)JC29/5/11/1-24
TitleK correspondence
Extent24 items
DescriptionIncluding /2-3 Letter from Ernest F. Kilpin [clerk, House of Assembly] relating to Cape civil service list for 1903, Mar; /4-5 Letter from J. F. S. King [Vice-President, South Manchester Liberal Unionist Association] relating to Irish Home Rule, Apr; /6 Letter from John F. Kershaw relating to his forthcoming emigration to Australia, May; /7-8 Letter from A. S. Keen relating to supply of labour for Transvaal mines, May; /9 Letter from Michael Kelly expressing admiration for Joseph Chamberlain's policies, May; /10-11 Letter from Philip Knee relating to old age pensions, with printed extract from the 'Exmouth Journal', Jun; /12 Letter from Sam Harley Kough relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /13-14 Correspondence from Henry Kimber MP requesting consideration for his son's application for employment, Jul; /15 Copy letter to D. W. Hill relating to Congleton and its mills, Jul; /16-17 Correspondence with J. H. Kirby relating to request for copies of Hansard, Jun-Jul; /18-19 Letter from J. Makeagrie relating to import/export of food stuffs, Aug; /20-21 Letter from G. C. Kingsbury relating to tariff reform, Aug; /23-24 Printed copy of speech from 'The Reporter' by Col. Knowles MP relating to 'Andrew Knowles and Sons Ltd Accident Party', with statement of income, Mar
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