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TitleL correspondence
Extent104 items
DescriptionIncluding /2 Letter from W. W. Loch relating to Transvaal civil service, Jan; /3-4 Letter from D. Franklin ?Lieber relating to his telegraphic code, Feb; /5-6 Letter from J. G. Lorimer relating to his application for post of East African commissioner, Mar; /7 Letter from J. F. Livesay relating to colonial contribution to imperial defence, Mar; /8-9 Letter from J. B. J. Loeff relating to South Africa, Mar; /10-11 Letter from E. M. Marshall [Sec, League of the Empire] thanking Joseph Chamberlain for addressing children of South African branch members, Mar; /12-14 Letter from Lady Jeune to Lord Monkbretton [John William Dodson, 2nd Baron Monkbretton: Principal Private Sec of State for Colonies, 1900-1903, Colonial Office] relating to visit of Mrs F. R. Lester, with calling-card, and Colonial Office memorandum, Mar; /15 Letter from Sir John Lea relating to South Africa, Mar; /16 Letter from S. A. R. Labad requesting visitor's pass for House of Commons, Apr; /17-18 Letter from Mrs R. C. Lott relating to her husband's correspondence, with letter from Rev. R.C. Lott [her husband], Apr; /19-20 Letter from Monsieur Luquet [in French] requesting employment in the Transvaal, Apr; /21 Letter from the sec. of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce confirming receipt of telegram relating to Lagos railway, Apr; /22 Letter from Mrs Bruce Lindsay relating to enclosed publication, Apr; /23 Letter from Mrs L. M. Laurie relating to riots in Trinidad, Apr; /24-25 Letter from Lady Linlithgow, and copy letter from Joseph Chamberlain to Lord Tennyson [Hallam Tennyson, 2nd Baron Tennyson: Governor-General of Australia, 1902-1904] relating to launch of ship called 'The Commonwealth', May; /29 Letter from Rev. Walter Lang relating to use of native African labour in Johannesburg mines, May; /30-31 Correspondence with James Linge relating to request for contribution to mission hall in Liverpool, May; /32 Letter from G. Leveson Gower ['North American Review'] inviting Joseph Chamberlain to contribute article on tariff reform, May; /33-34 Letter from S. Longman relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /35 Letter from J. ?Levill relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /36-37 Letter from Andrew Law relating to tariff reform, Jun; /39-41 Correspondence with Herbert B. Lefroy [Agent General for Western Australia] relating to request for a pass to grant Mr Moss access to the House of Commons, Jul; /42-45 Correspondence with J. H. Long relating to Long's offer to speak on preferential tariffs, with calling-card, Jun; /46-48 Correspondence with J. F. B. Livesay relating to imperial defence policies, Jun; /49-50 Letter from Morton Loder requesting financial assistance to prevent closure of the Colonial College, Woodbridge, Jun; /51 Letter from Henry Lye [Managing Director, British Columbia Trust Company] relating to British naval policies, Jun; /52-53 Correspondence with W. Luden relating to fiscal reform, Jun- Jul; /54-55 Correspondence with W. H. Lewis relating to request for assistance in application for Indian office post, Jul; /58-60 Correspondence with Herbert Crocker [editor, 'Leather Trades Review'] relating to fiscal policies, Jul; /61-64 Correspondence with H. Leggott [Chairman, Elland Division Central Conservative Association] relating to fiscal policies, with press cutting from 'The York and Bradford Observer', Jul; /70-73 Correspondence with Messrs. Lacey and Wheeler [textile manufacturers] relating to fiscal matters, with memorandum, Jul; /75-78 Correspondence with Lord Lamington [Charles W. A. N. C. Ballie, 2nd Baron Lamington: Governor of Queensland, 1895-1901] relating to recommendation of Col. Lyster for South African post, with letter from Lyster to Lamington, Jul; /79-81 Correspondence with W. A. Leaper relating to associations with Canadian Life Assurance Company, Jul; /82-84, /87-89 Correspondence with Robert Livesay relating to meeting of the Textile Trades Parliamentary Committee, Jul-Aug; /94-97 Letter from Gerald Leighton [Vice President, Edinburgh Australasian Club] requesting support for extension scheme, with official club circular and remittance form, Aug; /98-99 Letter from Samuel Lowther inviting Joseph Chamberlain to speak in Belfast, Aug; /100-101 Telegraphed resolution from Sir W. Lyne [President, Commonwealth Protectionist Association] relating to preferential tariffs, Aug; /102-103 Letter from Ivan Levinstein relating to fiscal reform, Aug; /104 Letter from Ethel Lown offering dedication of the 'Chamberlain waltz', Sep
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