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TitleM correspondence
Extent140 items
DescriptionIncluding /2 Letter from George Milne [editor, 'The British Realm'] requesting article, Feb-Mar; /3 Letter from Col. Sir Fitzroy D. Maclean [President, Highland Society of London] inviting Joseph Chamberlain to attend dinner in honour of Highland regiments who served in South Africa, Mar; /4-7 Correspondence from Joseph Mallins [Hon. Sec, National Temperance Association] relating to compensation scheme, with copy of resolution, Mar; /9 Letter from John ?McLellan requesting assistance in gaining employment, Mar; /10-11 Letter from McKenzie and Brown [photographers] relating to visit of Joseph Chamberlain to Middleburg, South Africa, Mar; /12-14 Correspondence from D. Morgan requesting information relating to employment opportunities in South Africa, with Colonial Office memorandum, Mar; /15-16 Letter from Rev. John MacInnes relating to foreign missions in East Africa, Mar; /17-19 Letter from Sir Herbert Maxwell [MP] relating to Lake Tchad Commission, with memorandum, Mar; /20 Letter from Nathaniel Merriman relating to South Africa, Mar; /21-22 Letter from Dan Morgan [local sec., National Conservative Association] inviting Joseph Chamberlain to meeting, Mar; /23-24 Letter from George Meek requesting assistance to gain employment, Mar; /25-26 Letter from T. W. Middleton relating to departure of Sydney Olivier from office, Mar; /27-28 Letter from F. H. Manson [Master, Ironmonger's Company] inviting Joseph Chamberlain to dine at their hall, Apr; /31 Letter from W. Matthews relating to employment opportunities for his nephew, Apr; /32-33 Letter from George Moores requesting slides for use in lecture on South Africa, Jun; /34-35 Letter from Irene MacPherson [Sec, Thurso Bazaar Committee] inviting Joseph Chamberlain to open bazaar, Apr; /36-40 Letter from S. H. Wheeldon [Montpellier Cigar Factory] relating to gift of cigars, with order form and hand-bills, Apr; /41-42 Letter from J. B. Matthews relating to Workmen's Compensation Act, Apr; /43 Letter from D. Morris [Commissioner of Agriculture for the West Indies] relating to West Indian Bulletin, Apr; /44-47 Correspondence with Bireshar Makerj relating to distribution of royal portraits throughout colonies, with printed copy of article by Makerj, Apr-May; /48 Letter from Arthur Middleton relating to receipt of war medal, May; /49-51 Correspondence with Madam Clare de Montague relating to use of Chamberlain's name to promote concert, May; /52-54 Letter from Horace Mann requesting information about emigration to South Africa, with Colonial Office memorandum, May; /55 Letter from A. M. Malpass [Manager, Trading and Exports Co.] relating to reform of consular service, May; /56 Letter from J. F. Manning relating to ministerial resignation, May; /57-59 Correspondence with Thomas Macfarlane relating to tariff reform, with memorandum, May; /60-61 Telegram from Captain Murray relating to South African labour question, May; /62-63 Letter from James Munro relating to tariff reform, May; /64-67 Correspondence with Messrs. A. Mansford and Sons [stationers] relating to publication of British empire post-card, with copy of post-card, May; /68-71 Letter from Edward P. Mathers relating to correspondence by B. Viljoen, with calling-card and press cutting, May; /72-73 Correspondence with H. W. F. Mogg relating to appointment of New Zealand commissioner, May; /74 Letter from A. Miller relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /75-77 Correspondence with D. Moody relating to visit of Lord Roberts to the north of England, Jun-Jul; /78 Letter from Frank Maltman relating to his publication, Jun; /79-80 Post-card from Donald Macmaster relating to tariff reform, Jun; /81-82 Letter from Mrs A.?Munneley relating to resolution passed by meeting of ladies of the Church of the Redeemer, Edgbaston, in opposition to the Publican Compensation Bill, Jun; /83 Letter from Robert Martin relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /84-85 Letter from ?A. J. Mudie relating to tariff reform, Jun; /87 Letter from W. L. Massy relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /88 Letter from W. T. March relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /89-94 Correspondence with John G. Muir, with copies of Muir's notes on 'Capital and Labour' and 'Commerce', Jun-Jul; /95 Letter from Alex Morton [curator, Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery] requesting signed photograph, May; /96-101 Correspondence with Sir Lewis Molesworth MP relating to request for letter of introduction for forthcoming visit to South Africa, with memorandum, copy of annual report of Western Counties Agricultural Co-operative Association, and copy letter to Sir Arthur Lawley [6th Baron Wenlock: Governor, Transvaal 1902-1906], Jun-Jul; /102-103 Correspondence with Margaret Michels relating to treatment of Miss Michels' father, Jul; /104-106 Correspondence with A. McGoun relating to preferential tariffs, Jul; /108-109 Correspondence with Victor E. Mitchell relating to preferential tariffs, Jul; /110-112 Correspondence with Messrs. Myatts Hextable Horticultural Company relating to tariff reform, Jul; /113-115 Correspondence with B. H. Morgan [editor, 'The Engineering Times'] relating to South African manufacturing firms, Jul; /116-117 Letter from D. J. Moody relating to Afghanistan, Jul; /118-119 Correspondence with E. A. Mackenzie relating to composition of newphysical relief map of the world, Jul; /120-122 Correspondence with G. I. Murray relating to preferential tariffs, with copy letter from Murray to the German consul, Jul; /123-124 Letter from Edward Makins relating to establishment of fund to assist cancer sufferers, Jul; /125-127 Correspondence with John E. Milne relating to Canadian attitudes towards tariff reform, Jul- Aug; /128-130 Correspondence with T. Carlaw Martin relating to jute industry, Jul-Aug; /131-132 Letter from S. Cochrane Macdry relating to tariff reform, with typed notes on tariff reform, Aug; /133-134 Letter from John H. McBride requesting assistance to gain permit to travel to Natal, Aug; /135-136 Letter from W. S. Mold relating to land-disputes in Brisbane, Aug; /139-140 Letter from Lord Meath providing a recommendation for Lieut. E. Shelley, Sep
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