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TitleP correspondence
Extent89 items
DescriptionIncluding /2 Letter from Horace van Puick relating to arrival of portraits of Prince and Princess of Wales, Jan; /3-5 Letter from D.V. Pirie MP relating to request for introduction for Pirie's cousin to the governor of the Straits, with Colonial Office memorandum, Feb; /6 Letter from John Henry Penney relating to employment transfer, Mar; /7-11 Letter from Mrs Perry relating to death of Miss Pace [former school-mistress of Joseph Chamberlain], and request for assistance, with memorium card, press cutting, and copy of published testimonials of Mrs Perry, Apr; /12 Letter from H. Penn relating to British policies, Apr; /13 Letter from P. S. ?Puin requesting assistance, Apr; /14 Letter from F. W. Povall requesting assistance to gain employment, Apr; /15-16 Letter from J. Paxton relating to Publican Compensation Bill, Apr; /17 Letter from F. G. Pyne [Sec, South Norfolk Unionist Association] relating to employment on South African railways, May; /19-21 Letter from George H. Croxden Powell relating to transferral of Bahr Ghazal territory to Congo State, with telegram copy, May; /22-23 Correspondence with Mrs Phillips relating to South Africa, May; /24-25 Correspondence with Joseph Pope relating to publication, May; /26-28 Correspondence with W. T. C. Pennant relating to request for consideration for Trinity House pension, May; /29-32 Correspondence with William N. Ponton [Ontario Board of Trade] relating to invitation to attend congress of Chamber of Commerce in Montreal, with copy of resolutions, May-Jun; /33-34 Letter from H. Wilfred Plumidge relating to tariff reform, Jun; /35-39 Copy of letter from J. Pounds relating to publication, with copy of letter sent to the Agents General and typescript notes relating to publication proposals, Jun; /40-42 Correspondence with Sydney Parton [Hon. Sec, Tiffin Club] relating to invitation to accept honorary membership of the Club, Jun; /43-44 Correspondence with M. Eden Paul relating to gift of publication, Jun; /45-46 Letter from Albany Paddon offering services for tariff reform, Jun; /47-48 Letter from L. N. S. Pasmore relating to tariff reform, Jun; /49-50 Letter from W. Powell relating to West Indian sugar industry, with press cutting, Jun; /51-52 Correspondence with Thomas Patkin relating to old age pensions, Jun; /53-56 Correspondence with Herbert Penny relating to employment of Indian subjects on mail steamers, with memorandum and press cutting, Jun; /57-58 Press cutting and copy letter to T. Potts relating to speech made by Potts in Liverpool, Jun; /59-62 Correspondence with H. Phillips relating to offer of assistance for tariff reform campaign, with hand-bill, Jul; /63-65 Correspondence between W. J. Pinchin relating to printed letter of Sir William Harcourt's, Jul; /66 Letter from J. D. Pritchard and Company relating to oxalic acid trade, Jul; /67-68 Correspondence with Thomas A. Pearson relating to request for assistance in gaining employment in South Africa, Jul; /69-70 Letter from Rev. E. Cook Pritchard relating to preferential tariffs, with calling-card, Jul; /71-72 Letter from E. Robbins [Manager, Press Association] relating to publication of correspondence of Sir J. Dinsdale, Jul; /73-75 Correspondence with Charles Phillips relating to article on Anglo-German trade relations, Jul; /76-79 Correspondence with J. Still Pearsall relating to tariff reform, with copy of details of duties on goods imported into Guernsey, Aug; /80-81 Correspondence from James Platt relating to free trade, Aug; /83 Letter from John Plumbe relating to publication of speeches in pamphlet form , Aug; /84-89 Correspondence with Edith Beaumont relating to request for an interview for her nephew, Capt. G. H. Pomeroy Colley, with calling-card, typed copy of verse composition, and Colonial Office memorandum, Nov
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