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TitleT correspondence
Extent90 items
DescriptionIncluding /2-4 Letter from F. Tallack relating to Croydon Debating Society, Mar; /5 Letter from Rev. Charles F. Tomes relating to letter from his son in Rhodesia, Mar; /6 Letter from B. H. Thwaite relating to fiscal policies, Mar; /7 Letter from Alice Marie Taylor relating to the Cape Colony, Mar; /8 Letter from W. Tilbrook relating to the Conservative Party, Mar; /9 Letter from George Thomson relating to awards for volunteer forces who fought in South Africa, Mar; /10 Letter from J. R. F. Turner relating to pamphlet, Mar; /11-13 Letter from I. D. Thomas [Director, Royal Canadian Animated Photographic Co] requesting patronage for exhibition, with hand-bill, Apr; /14-15 Letter from Sir W. Thorburn MP relating to appointment in African forces, Mar; /16-17 Letter from David D. Thompson [editor, 'The North Western Christian Advocate'] relating to commemorative publication for bicentennial anniversary of John Wesley, Apr; /18-19 Letter from William Tait requesting financial assistance, Apr; /21-22 Correspondence with the Secretary of the Transvaal Chamber of Mines relating to the Chamber's annual report for 1902, May; /23 Letter from Sir W. Thomson inviting Joseph Chamberlain to civil surgeons' dinner, May; /28 Letter from John David Thompson relating to old age pensions, May; /29-30 Letter from Thomas Thresher relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /33-34 Correspondence from Messrs. Taylor and Co relating to tariff reform, Jun; /35-38 Letter from Laurence C. Tipper relating to Pharmacy Bill, with circular and copy of bill, Jun; /43-46 Correspondence with J. Taylor relating to tariff reform, with manuscript notes on free trade, Jun; /47-49 Correspondence with C. J. Tearnan Jr. relating to preferential tariffs, wth press cutting, Jun-Jul; /50-51 Correspondence with Messrs. B. and S. H. Thompson Ltd relating to tariff reform, Jul; /52-53 Copy letter to W. Taylor relating to previous correspondence, Aug; /54-55 Correspondence with Richard Toogood relating to address at meeting of working men in 1884, Jul; /56-58 Correspondence with N. Copeland Trimble relating to wheat supply, Jul; /59-60 Letter from E. Langhome Thompson relating to Canadian tobacco tariffs, with postage receipt card, Jul; /61-63 Correspondence with the editor of 'The Timber News' relating to Canadian timber tariffs, Aug; /68-72 Correspondence with Rev. J. H. Twinning relating to request for interview, Aug; /73-75 Correspondence with F. E. Tillemont-Thomason [Hon Sec, Empire Educational League] relating to request for interview, Aug; /76-78 Correspondence with H. B. Rippon [Chairman, Association of Tobacco Manufacturers] relating to fiscal policies, Aug; /79-80 Letter from J. Hay Thorburn relating to Kaslo Railway Company in British Columbia, Sep; /84 Letter from Mr Tilley relating to tariff reform, Sep; /85-90 Papers sent by Trinity House to the Colonial Office relating to the Port of London, Nov
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