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TitleB correspondence
Extent152 items
DescriptionIncluding /2-3 Letter from Sir H. Bullard MP relating to application for tender to supply school equipment in South Africa, Feb; /4 Letter from George Barnley relating to American/Canadian boundary disputes, Feb; /5 Letter from R. Hope Bridie [Bridie and Co Engineer's Merchants] relating to Joseph Chamberlain's South African tour, Mar; /6-7 Correspondence with Lord Brassey [Thomas Brassey, 1st Earl Brassey: President, London Chamber of Commerce] relating to invitation to Joseph Chamberlain to attend the Chamber's fifth congress in Montreal, Mar; /8-10 Letter from H. J. Brereton [Chemist and Wholesale Druggist] relating to outstanding payment for goods supplied to British officers during the Boer War, with letter from Mr Brereton to the War Office, Mar; /11-12 Letter from D. Brown requesting pension nomination, Mar; /13 Letter from Fred. Brandes relating to Anglo-German relations, Mar; /15-18 Letter from L. Bolton relating to situation of Dutch Reformed Church clergy in South Africa, with press cutting from 'The Record', and Colonial Office memoranda, Mar; /19-21 Correspondence from P. Beirne requesting information about the whereabouts of his son [a Colonial Office employee in Pretoria], Mar-Apr; /22-23 Letter from Clarence F. Bolton relating to photograph of ship, Mar; /24-27 Correspondence with Sir James Bailey MP relating to request for introduction for his son-in-law, with Colonial Office memorandum, Mar; /28 Letter from the editor of 'The Britannia Magazine' requesting contribution, Mar; /30 Letter from John W. Bellamy [Sec, Primrose Methodist Chapel] requesting donation, Mar; /31 Letter from Mary Bishop relating to her verses, Mar; /32 Letter from John Beswetherick requesting interview, Apr; /33 Letter from the Duke of Bedford expressing gratitude for appointment of his cousin to the Colonial Office, Apr; /34-35 Correspondence from Robert J. Beddoe relating to South African labour question, Apr-Jul; /37-39 Correspondence with G. F. C. Bond relating to Madagascar, Apr-Jul; /40-42 Correspondence with A. J. Bolton relating to Bolton's request for assistance in obtaining employment-transfer for his son, Apr-May; /43-46 Correspondence with W. R. Blenkinsop relating to emigration, with Colonial Office memorandum, Apr; /47-49 Letter from John Baker relating to treatment of domestic servants in South Africa, with press cutting, Apr; /50 Letter from H. Banting relating to presidency of South London Albion F.C., Apr; /51-53 Letter from Dr Charles J. Barry relating to old age pensions, with printed extract from a speech by Barry, Apr; /54 Letter from John Biggs inquiring after Joseph Chamberlain's health, May; /55 Letter from W. C. Barber requesting 'Blue Books', May; /56-58 Letter from Bloxwich Dahlia Fruit and Vegetable Society requesting support for their annual show, May; /59-60 Letter from Jane E. Beechcroft requesting grant from the 'Royal Bounty', May; /61-64 Correspondence with Lord Brassey relating to attendance of Chamberlain at London Chamber of Commerce banquet, May; /65-67 Letter from S. J. Browne requesting signed photograph, with receipt for donation to Birmingham University building fund, May; /68-69 Letter from P. Barry relating to old age pensions and tariff reform, with hand-bill advertising Barry's publications, May; /70-71 Letter from Bentley M. Baumann relating to British trade, May; /72-73 Letter from Thomas Beetlestone relating to tour made by Joseph Chamberlain of Birmingham gas works, May; /74-75 Letter from Alfred Bigland [Bigland, Sons and Jeffreys] relating to colonial federation, May; /76-78 Correspondence with William Bentley relating to old age pensions, with press cutting from 'The Bury Guardian', May; /79-80 Letter from C. Bourdier [in French] relating to evasion of import duties, Jun; /81-82 Letter from James Beavers relating to old age pensions, Jun; /83-87 Correspondence with E. A. Barton relating to establishment of new magazine, with calling-card, Jun; /88-89 Letter from John M. S. Briscoe relating to tariff reform, Jun; /92 Letter from Sir George Bartley MP requesting letters of introduction for forthcoming visit to Canada and New York, Jun; /93-95 Correspondence with J. Stephen Jeans [Sec, British Iron Trade Association] relating to ore supply, Jun-Jul; /96-98 Correspondence with John G. Branford relating to introduction of medicine stamp, Jun; /99-101 Correspondence with Nahum Barnet relating to export duties, Jun-Aug; /102-103 Letter from W. R. Lyne [Assistant Sec, Eastern Extension Australasia and China Telegraph Company] relating to Joseph Chamberlain's birthday, with transcript of a telegram from Sir Edmund Barton [Prime Minister and Minister for External Affairs, 1901-1903, Australian Federation], to Joseph Chamberlain, Jul; /104 Letter from J. Hugh Bastin dedicating invention of flying machine to Joseph Chamberlain, Jul; /105-108 Correspondence with Rev. E. V. Bligh relating to fiscal policies, with press cutting, Jul; /112-113 Correspondence with John G. Bacon relating to fiscal policies, Jul; /114-115 Correspondence from E. H. G. Brewster relating to British publishing industry, Jul-Aug; /117 Letter from G. Burns relating to offer of South American orchids, Jul; /118-119 Letter from James H. Bridge relating to Anglo-American steel industries, Jul; /120-122 Correspondence with James Brand relating to Brand's request for pass to board training ship, Jul-Aug; /123 Letter from Robert Bibby relating to experiences of friend in South Africa, Jul; /124 Letter from George Bardsley requesting interview, Jul; /125-126 Letter from P. L. Baker relating to fiscal policies, Jul; /127-128 Correspondence with R. Barbe relating to offer of services to tariff reform movement, Aug; /129-131 Correspondence with Mrs S. E. Bourn relating to legislative reform so as to improve access to medical services, Aug; /132-133 Correspondence with W. C. Beake [Canadian Northern Railway Co.] relating to Beake's request for Blue Book, Aug; /134-136 Letter from T. Watson Brown requesting election agency, with manuscript notes on free trade, Aug; /137-138 Letter from Mrs K. U. Brown relating to fiscal policies, Aug; /141-143 Correspondence with W. Bonallo [Sec, Cramlington Unionist Association] relating to location of Boer troops during Boer War, Aug; /147 Letter from Rev. Alfred Burton requesting assistance in obtaining colonial employment for a Miss Wright, Sep; /148-150 Letter from Rev. A. A. Bridgman relating to proposals to erect monument to George Washington in England, with Colonial Office memorandum; /151-152 Calling-card and printed pamphlet from the Liberal Club of Montreal relating to immigration and colonisation, Jul
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