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DescriptionIncluding /2 Letter from the Colonial Club inviting Joseph Chamberlain to be guest of honour at annual banquet, Mar; /3-4 Letter from G. Coleman requesting assistance in returning to South Africa, with Colonial Office memoranda, Mar; /5-6 Letter from Miss L. M. Cox requesting autograph, Mar; /7 Letter from Vernon Cochrane relating to Irish politics, Mar; /8 Letter from John M. Campbell relating to his verse compositions, Mar; /14 Letter from W. E. Campbell relating to treatment of natives by Boer police, Mar; /15 Letter from Norman H. Capron relating to his father's publication, Mar; /24-26 Letter from Vincent J. Cooper relating to forthcoming debates at the Union Chapel, Clowes Street, with hand-bill, Apr; /27 Letter from J. G. Campbell MP relating to previous correspondence, Apr; /28 Letter from G. R. Cocking relating to recent articles on South African affairs, Apr; /29-31 Correspondence with J. H. Cross relating to request for financial assistance for African mission, with letter from Cross reporting condition of tribes in African colonies, and Colonial Office memorandum, Apr; /32-34 Letter from J. Philip Collins ['The Pall Mall Gazette'] relating to publication of Joseph Chamberlain's speeches, with calling-card, Apr; /35 Letter from Bishop C. J. Corfe relating to arrangements for interview, Apr; /36-38 Letter from J. E. Cleveland [National Conference of Friendly Societies] relating to old age pensions, with printed resolution from the Conference, Apr; /39 Letter from F. H. Chase [Vice-Chancellor, Cambridge University] relating to award of honorary degree to Sir Alfred Milner [1st Viscount Milner: Governor of the Cape of Good Hope, 1897-1901; High Commissioner for South Africa, 1897-1905], Apr; /41-43 Correspondence with Nathaniel L. Cohen relating to South African labour question, with Colonial Office memorandum, Apr-May; /44-45 Letter from E. Cottam relating to expenditure on forestry in Transvaal, with Colonial Office memorandum, Apr; /46-47 Letter from W. Carted relating to old age pensions, May; /48 Letter from John Coates relating to application for Trinity House pension, May; /49-52 Correspondence with S.A. Cosser, and copy letter from Joseph Chamberlain to Sir Walter Hely-Hutchinson [Governor of the Cape Colony, 1901-1910] relating to circular by Jan Hendrick Hofmeyr [South African politician], with press cutting from Cape Colony newspaper, May; /53-54 Correspondence with A. Rogers Connop relating to request to visit gardens at Highbury, May; /55-56 Correspondence with D. Campbell Clark relating to Clark's forthcoming visit to South Africa, May; /57-58 Letter from James Chambers relating to tariff reform, May; /59-60 Letter from W. A. Carlile relating to fiscal policies, Jun; /61-62 Letter from Bernard Clarke offering copy of his publication 'At Bay', Jun; /63-65 Correspondence with N. G. Chryssafinis relating to Cypriot affairs, Jun; /66 Letter from F. G. Clemow relating to his publication 'The Geography of Disease', Jun; /67-69 Letter from Thomas Cartwright relating to his publications, with press cutting review, Jun; /71-72 Correspondence with James Connor relating to publications sent by Connor, Jun; /73-76 Letter from George E. Cox relating to tariff reform, with press cuttings, Jun; /77-80 Correspondence with Charles F. Cooper relating to South Africa, with press cutting, Jun; /81-83 Correspondence with Joseph H. Cloke relating to tariff reform, Jun; /89-90 Correspondence with F. W. Crisp [Family Grocer and Tea Dealer] relating to tariff reform, Jun; /91-92 Correspondence with Archibald Craig relating to tariff reform, Jun; /93-94 Correspondence with A. Saville Cohen relating to tariff reform, Jun-Jul; /96-98 Correspondence from H. Copeland relating to the Pacific Cable, Jul; /99-101 Correspondence with Captain John R. Cuthbert relating to military manoeuvres in the Transvaal, Jul; /102 Letter from J. Cooper relating to tariff reform, Jul; /103-104 Letter from D. P. Carnegie requesting compensation for loss of his farm in the Transvaal during the Boer War, Jun; /105-106 Correspondence with Sir Henry Craik relating to Craik's offer of services to religious education authorities whilst he is in South Africa, Jul; /107-109 Correspondence with Joseph Clouston relating to brick imports in Newcastle, Jul; /110-113 Letter from John P. Coia relating to application for tenders to provide provisions for naval servicemen, with copy of Coia's certificate of naturalisation and correspondence with the Admiralty Contract Department, Jul; /114-116 Postcard from A. Hamilton Collyer relating to decline of British shipping, with press cutting from 'The Daily Record', Aug; /117-118 Correspondence with Thomas Cochrane [MP] relating to request for financial assistance for constituent, Aug; /119-122 Letter from secretary of the Canadian Manufacturers' Association relating to Joseph Chamberlain's attendance at annual banquet, with telegram copy, and Colonial Office memorandum, Aug; /125-127 Letter from Theodore A. Cook relating to establishment of proposed imperial peace memorial, with printed picture of proposed colonnade, nd [early 20th century]
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