Finding Number (Click this to view full catalogue structure)JC29/5/6/1-36
TitleF correspondence
Extent36 items
DescriptionIncluding /2 Letter from C. W. Flexman relating to Central African affairs, Jan; /3 Letter from Mr Fremy [in French] requesting Colonial Office employment, Jan; /4-5 Letter from George Henry Fawkes relating to his passage to Australia, with letter to Colonial Office from J. G. White [sec. to the Agent-General for New South Wales], Mar; /6-9 Letter from F. W. Fawkes [Hon. Sec, Applied Art Exhibition] requesting message for inclusion in catalogue, with hand-bills, Apr; /10 Letter from Frank Farquharson requesting employment on Australian railways, May; /11-12 Letter from Frederick W. Fison MP relating to the Workmen's Compensation Act, May; /13-15 Letter from J. M. Fortier [Director, Creme de la Creme Cigar Factory] accompanying boxes of 'Chamberlain Cigars', with hand-bill, May; /16-18 Correspondence from H. S. W. Farquharson relating to establishment of Scottish schools inspectorate, Jun; /19-21 Correspondence with H. N. Farquharson relating to commendation of Sydney Olivier [Colonial Sec in Jamaica], Jun; /22-24 Correspondence with Rev. A. L. Foulkes relating to tariffreform, Jun; /25 Letter from Michael ?Fleirscheim relating to tariff reform, Jun; /26-27 Correspondence with E. Fletcher relating to food prices, Jul; /28-29 Letter from George Forster relating to fiscal policies, Jul; /30-31 Letter from Mr Fraser relating to his forthcoming departure for the Baltic, Jul; /32-33 Letter from Major Freeth requesting Colonial Office employment, Jul; /34 Letter from Florence M. Fabier requesting assistance, Aug; /35-36 Telegram from the Australian Free Trade Association relating to tariff reform, Sep
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