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TitleG correspondence
Extent67 items
DescriptionIncluding /2 Letter from Murray Guthrie MP requesting information on Somaliland and West African field forces, Feb; /3-4 Letter from J. Gerrans relating to Dutch settlements in Marico district, Feb; /5 Letter from W. Glossop [Managing Director, W. M. Glossop Ltd, Maltsters] relating to reduction in Brewster's licenses, Mar; /6-8 Letter from E. Gauntlett inviting Joseph Chamberlain to contribute to Avondale Road Unitarian Church, Mar; /9 Letter from J. Gemwell requesting financial support for date tree planting project in South Africa, Mar; /10 Letter from George Gordon [editor, 'Gardener's Magazine'] relating to proposed article on gardens at Highbury, Mar; /11 Letter from George Griffith requesting signed photograph for use as frontispiece in forthcoming publication, Mar; /12-13 Letter from H. Gosling relating to pensions of Crimean and Indian mutiny veterans, Apr; /14-17 Correspondence with Mr Justice Grantham relating to Grantham's request for letter of introduction for his son, with Colonial Office memorandum, and letter from the Colonial Office to Sir Henry Blake [Governor of Hong Kong, 1897-1903], April; /18-19 Letter from Frederick Griffith relating to his publication, Apr; /20-21 Correspondence from H. Allerdale Grainger [Agent General for South Australia] requesting interview, and appointment for Mr Darling MP, Apr-Jul; /22-24 Letter from Sir John Gorst MP, with printed resolutions of Anti-Slavery Society and Aborigine Protection Society, May; /25-27 Letter from Arthur Garner [Boulogne British Sailors Institute] requesting donation, with hand-bill, May; /28-29 Letter from Robert Gedden relating to alterations to regimental colours, May; /30-31 Letter from John Stevenson relating to tariff reform, May; /32-33 Correspondence with J. C. Ghest relating to old age pensions, May; /34 Letter from H. K. Gordon relating to old age pensions, Jun; /35-37 Correspondence with Charles G. Gregson relating to tariff reform, Jun; /38-39 Letter from H. D. Greene MP inviting Joseph Chamberlain to speak in Shropshire, Jun; /40-41 Letter from Ellen S. Gaskell relating to use of preservatives in food production, with manuscript notes, Jun; /42-45 Correspondence with George Gerrie relating to lecture given at Aberdeen Trade Council, with press cutting, Jun-Jul; /46-48 Letter from William Green relating to preferential tariffs, with manuscript notes, Jul; /49 Letter from J. H. Grey relating to South Africa, Jul; /50-52 Correspondence with C.T. Grant relating to tariff reform, Jul-Aug; /55-57 Correspondence with Marius Gabion relating to request for interview, Jul [letter from Gabion in French]; /58 Letter from William Grisewood relating to tariff reform, Jul; /62 Letter from Arthur J. Giles [Sec, Federation of Grocer's Association] relating to previous correspondence, Aug; /63-64 Letter from James H. Godding relating to publication of his, Sep
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