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TitleH correspondence
Extent141 items
DescriptionIncluding /2-4 Letter from Lady Hobhouse relating to South African refugee camps, with copy of letter from Mary Monkhouse [a worker in the camps], Mar; /5 Letter from David Hobbs relating to his verse compositions, Mar; /6 Letter from Frederick S. Hilditch requesting financial assistance for emigration to Canada, Apr; /7-10 Letter from E. Howard relating to introduction of Signor C. Schanzer [Italian senator] who is making forthcoming visit to England, with letter from Schanzer [in French] to the Colonial Office, and calling-card, Apr; /11 Letter from Henry Houlston relating to British migration to America, Apr; /12-14 Correspondence with George Harris [Provision and Produce Broker] relating to corn tariffs, with press cutting, Apr-Jun; /15-16 Letter from Beatrice Hughes requesting South African post for her husband, Apr; /17 Letter from J. G. Hill relating to naming of his son after Joseph Chamberlain, May; /18-20 Correspondence from Leicester Harmondsworth MP requesting assistance in seeking employment for James Purves, May; /21 Letter from Lieut. Col. H. E. Hicks acknowledging previous correspondence, May; /22-24 Correspondence with Sir John Puleston relating to request for introductory papers for associate travelling to South Africa, with Colonial Office memorandum, May; /25-29 Correspondence with Major Grice Hutchinson relating to statements made by Lord Beauchamp [William Lygon, 7th Earl Beauchamp: Governor of New South Wales, 1899-1901], with letter from Lord Beauchamp to Major Hutchinson, and Colonial Office memoranda, May; /30-32 Letter from Rev. A. J. I. Hughes [Hon. Sec, Emigration League] relating to the Emigration League, with Emigration League hand-bill, May; /33-35 Correspondence with Major C. W. Elphinstone Holloway relating to Holloway's offer of press cutting volumes, May; /36 Letter from G. W. Hill relating to South Africa, May; /37-38 Letter from Sir John Dalrymple Hay relating to possible honour for his nephew, May; /39-40 Letter from Armiger Harvey relating to fiscal policies, Jun; /41 Letter from A. Hall relating to pawnbroking trade, Jun; /42 Letter from J. R. Hume relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /47-50 Correspondence with James Hotroyd relating to Hotroyd's request for financial assistance, Jun; /51 Letter from Francis George Heath relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /52 Letter from Thomas G. Hughes offering services to tariff reform campaign, Jun; /53 Letter from R. S. Downs [Sec, High Wycombe Conservative Club] to E. H. Marsh [Colonial Office], Jun; /54-56 Correspondence with J. Caskell Hopkins [Sec, Annual Review Publishing Company Limited] relating to inscription of this year's Annual Review, Jun; /57-59 Letter from John Biggs [Sec, Howdenshire Agricultural Club] relating to preferential tariffs, with copy of printed letter sent to members, Jun; /60-62 Correspondence with R. J. Hodges relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /63-65 Letter from James Howarth [Sec, Conservative Registration Association] relating to previous correspondence, with press cutting from 'The Radcliffe Times', Jun; /66-67 Letter from J.H. Huntington relating to preferential tariffs, Jun; /68 Letter from Cuthbert Harrison relating to fiscal policies, Jun; /69-71 Letter from ?N. J. Hinckley relating to Anglo-American trade relations, with press cutting from 'The Birmingham Daily Post', Jun; /72-74 Correspondence with Edmund Hussey relating to Hussey's offer to collect statistical information from the Port of Elizabeth, Jun; /75-76 Letter from C. Seale-Hayne MP requesting consideration on behalf of associate for appointment, Jun; /77-79 Correspondence with E. J. Hickman [Hickman and Co] relating to imports of Spanish produce, Jul; /80 Letter from R. Craigie Hamilton requesting assistance for publication of his work, Jul; /81-84 Correspondence with Percy Hobson relating to article on German customs, with press cutting from 'The Illustrated London News', Jul; /85-87 Letter from J. H. Harrison requesting education post in South Africa, with hand-bill, Jul; /88-90, /96 Correspondence with Benjamin Howarth [Chairman, Liverpool Junior Conservative Club] relating to invitation to address the Club, Jul; /97-99 Correspondence with G. Heath relating to preferential tariffs, with press cutting, Jul; /100-102 Correspondence with Robert E. H. Higgins relating to request for financial assistance for 'The Oban Telegraph and Express', Jul; /103-104 Correspondence with R. P. Houston relating to application for cargo transport tenders, Jul; /105-116 Correspondence with John Hopkins relating to Hopkins' enclosure of correspondence written to the press, with reprints from the 'Cambrian', Jul; /117-119 Correspondence with Edwin ?Barnier Hudson [Sec, Marulan Progress Association Rooms] relating to establishment of the Empire Social Club, Jul-Sep; /120-123 Correspondence with J. Shaw [President, Hull Chamber of Commerce and Shipping] relating to invitation to speak in Hull, Jul-Aug; /124-125 Letter from Alexander Hadlsow relating to fiscal questions, Aug; /126-127 Letter from G. R. Henly requesting assistance in gaining employment, Aug; /128-130 Letter from Frederick Hodges, who claims familial relationship with Joseph Chamberlain, and seeks financial assistance, Aug; /131-132 Letter from W. Hill-Climo relating to relationship between consumption of imported American bacon and increase in cancer, with press cutting, Aug; /133-136 Correspondence with Theodore Hunt relating to treatment of natives in South African colonies, with Colonial Office memorandum, Aug; /137-138 Correspondence with Lord Londonderry's Private Secretary relating to appointment in Pretoria, Sep; /139-141 Correspondence from Harrisons and Crosfield relating to tea exports to Russia, with copy letter from Harrisons and Crosfield to Lord Lansdowne [Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Sec of State for Foreign Affairs, 1900-1905], Sep
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