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TitleCorrespondence relating to the Washington Fishery Conference
Extent115 items
DescriptionCorrespondence, copy correspondence, telegraphic communications, copy telegrams and transcripts of telegraphic communications between Joseph Chamberlain [as Chairman of the Washington Fishery Conference], Canadian, American and British officials involved in the Washington Conference, fellow Government officials, and unofficial correspondents relating to Joseph Chamberlain's appointment to the Fishery Commission and the selection of fellow officials to attend the negotiations, preparations for the Conference, the reception of the treaty negotiated at the Conference by the American Senate, and the award of honours to persons involved in the negotiations; with press cuttings
Including /1-2 Correspondence from George Baden Powell [MP] offering to serve on the Fishery Commission, 1887; /7-32 Correspondence from Sir Joseph Henry Gibbs Bergne [Superintendant of Treaty Department, 1881-1893; Protocolist to Fisheries Commission at Washington 1887-1888, Foreign Office] relating to travel arrangements for British party, background material to the Conference itself, and the Fisheries Treaty of 1888, with press cutting from 'The Evening Post', and telegram from E. J. Phelps [U. S. delegation, London], 1887-1888; /33-37 Correspondence from Henry G. Edwardes [Sec of Legation, Washington] relating to reception and rejection of Fisheries Treaty of 1888 by the American Senate, his own professional prospects, and appointments, 1887-1889; /43-58 Correspondence from Sir Willoughby Robert Dottin Maycock, [Personal Assistant to Joseph Chamberlain on his special mission to Washington, 1887-1888] relating to his appointment to accompany Joseph Chamberlain, and post-conference affairs, including his receipt of gratuity payments for his services, and the compilation of a photo album and a volume of printed correspondence relating to American/Canadian fisheries, 1887-1888; /59-62 Correspondence and copy correspondence from Sir Julian Pauncefote [Permanent Sec, Foreign Office] relating to appointments to the parties participating in the Washington Conference and the matter of the negotiations themselves, with correspondence from Sir Francis Wade, and transcript of telegram from Lord Lansdowne [Henry Charles Petty-Fitzmaurice, 5th Marquess of Lansdowne: Governor General, Canada, 1883-1888], 1887-1888; /63-68 Correspondence from Lionel Sackville West [Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary to U. S., 1881-1888, and member of North American Fisheries Commission, 1887-1888] to Lord Salisbury [Robert Arthur Gascoigne-Cecil, 3rd Marquess of Salisbury: Sec of State for Foreign Affairs, 1887-1892] and to Sir Joseph Henry Gibbs Bergne prior to beginning of the Conference and relating to preparations for negotiations, and also to the vote of the American Senate on the Fisheries Treaty, with letter from Sir Philip Henry Wodehouse Currie [Assistant Under-Sec of State of Foreign Affairs], 1887-1888; /72-82 Correspondence and copy correspondence with Sir Charles Tupper [Canadian Finance Department, and Plenipotentiary at Washington Fishery Conference] and Joseph Grose Colmer [Permanent Sec, Office of the High Commissioner for Canada] relating to plans for the Conference [for enclosure see JC3/3/7] and Joseph Chamberlain's visit to Ottawa prior to beginning of negotiations, responses to the Fisheries Treaty in Ottawa and America, and the award of a baronetcy to Tupper, with transcript of telegram and cable copy, and letter from Sir Charles Tupper to Sir James Spearman Winter [rep. of Newfoundland at Washington Fishery Conference, 1887-1888], 1887-1889; /98 Letter from Lord Knutsford [Henry Holland, 1st Viscount Knutsford: Sec of State for the Colonies, 1887-1892] congratulating Joseph Chamberlain on his handling of the fishery negotations, 1888; /99 Letter from Sir Henry Frederick Ponsonby [Private Sec to Queen Victoria] relating to enclosed portrait of Queen Victoria, sent to Chamberlain as mark of appreciation for his services at the Washington Conference, 1888; /100 Letter from Joseph Grose Colmer relating to enclosure of papers presented to the Canadian Parliament concerning the Conference, 1888; /102 Letter from J. G. Thompson [Privy Council, Ottawa] thanking Joseph Chamberlain for award of K. C. M. G., 1888
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Physical DescriptionIn addition, /28b is used; /68, /72, /85, /89-90 correspondence detached from mountings


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